Fear of two year daughter's mother
|   Dec 06, 2016
Fear of two year daughter's mother

While coming from the super market... in our socity...we: me, my husband n my 2 year daughter were passing through the lobby area where some teenage boys n gals were sitting on the stairs and they were enjoying their time with loud laughters... This is normal... But somewhere in the mind,i started luking in the future where in that group,i was seeing my daughter... And interestingly, my husband was also imagining the same, which i came to know wen he himself, started conversation regarding this, on the dinner table...He casually ask me... wat do u think ... were they couples or just friends...i saw him with question eyes that who?? He continued after seeing my raised eyebrows..... the guys n gals sitting in the stairs in lobby area...first...i started laughing...then suddenly,i got serious...he ask me...are u thinking as i m...i said...probably,we r on the same boat for this...we both Luked at our daughter....There are two point of views...

1. As a teenager, when we used to be in that age. What were we expected that time from our parents? Did we get that? Did our parents understood what we said or what we could not said, which we wanted to tell them but could not because of fear or shame that what they will say or how they will react? I always wanted that my parents would be my best friend with whom i would share each and every thing whether it is school time, college time or fun time. At some consent, i get that but at some points i didnt. On the things i did not get friendly with my parents i wished that i will be Frank with my kids. And i will be.

2. As a parent of 2 year old daughter, there is a fear in the heart. she is growing day by day..She will go out for school, then in college. How she will manage, how she will select her friends, god knows.. she will get good friends or bad friends...or if someone try to take advantage of her, she dont know the inner intentions of others, she is my innocent and sensitive princess. How she will survive in this cruel world? However, when i was teenager, the world was not cruel. the world was beautiful. but in case of our kids, it automatically becomes cruel.

Finally, i decided to go with the flow. why i m thinking so much? I m also a daughter. Didnt my parents raised me? They raised me so well...they provide me best comfort at home, best education, they trusted me while sending me to the hostel that i ll manage everything myself. And i did. Then, why i m worried about my daughter. She is born in a smart world where she knows to operate smart phone even in age two. I trust her. I believe her. She will do all good. She will adjust herself according to the situation whatever type of situation she faces. She is my daughter. Yes, She will survive in this cruel world because she will be so efficient that she will see this world "beautiful".

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Pooja Garg.

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