Fears and Apprehensions
|   May 18, 2017
Fears and Apprehensions

It was a very gloomy day. As the day passed the pangs of fear increased. Nervousness was palpable in everyone's faces. My friends sister's kid was born as a blue baby. The doctor's had diagonized problem after 3 days. They were rushing from one hospital to another. The doctors in a major hospital did try their level best to save the baby. But alas, it was a little too late. The result was irreversible and the end result was unfortunate. The baby could not be saved.

My friend was a  newly married young woman in her early 20's and this whole event stuck to my impressionable mind. At a very subconscious level she carried this fear and when she herself conceived, she carried this fear forward and was a nervous wrack. But slowly realized prevention was better than cure. She realized that having all the right experts around through the complete pregnancy process would be immensely beneficial for both the baby and the mother.

 When she conceived, the team work started in full force. All the elderly ladies specially her mom and her mom-in-law ensured proper diet with 3 different sabzi(salads) every meal and a lot of milk. Daily meditation,exercise,walking became a regular affair.Hearing to soft music was also a regular affair to keep her mind calm.

It was a very Sunny day on the twenty eigth of Dec 2006. After nine months nine days also she had no pain. They went to the doctor and was told that the oxygen supply may reduce for the kid and told her  to get admitted to the hospital. She did as directed and by evening she had a healthy baby through C-section. In hind sight the regular exercise and good diet and a calm mind took them a long way in having a healthy baby. So all her fears and apprehensions were ill-found and all her fears had evaporated. 

Every pregnancy experience is different. Always enjoy the journey.

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