Love story with a substance
|   May 21, 2017
Love story with a substance

Michelle was a beautiful,gorgeous looking girl in her mid twenties working for a Ad Agency. She was always very gritty,highly independent, described as a Doyenne by her friends. Along with her passion to excel she would always be the star attraction in any parties hosted by her ever increasing social circle. Alcohol,Smoking were an integral part of her life though she was not an addict. Coming from a very modern upbringing clubs,movies were her weekend hangouts.

She was a consummate coquette and had a couple of flings but would never get into serious relationships.In the recent past, She had found herself drawn into a serious relationship with a guy who was smart,handsome and was a financial analyst. She met him in one of her friends parties and was mesmerized by his personality and was immediately drawn towards him.

In the recent past, they had met a few times and found herself in a whirlwind romance and before she could realize her boyfriend had moved in to her apartment and they had spent months of togetherness. She was very happy with this relationship when reality struck. She had conceived. Her boyfriend seemed very clear that he was not ready for a family. Now she was in a dilemma. She thought for a while and took a strong stand that she would continue her pregnancy. As expected her boyfriend moved out of her apartment.

She was already an independent women earning a handful salary and was sure would manage herself and her kid. She self taught herself on the do's and don't's of pregnancy.Within no time she had realized that alcohol and smoking would create trouble for the baby. She made up her mind to quit alcohol and smoking. Initially it seemed very difficult. Her willpower to have a healthy kid was so high that she left all her habits.


  • Alcohol consumption during pregnancy : Too much alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to miscarriage. Kids may take birth with low birth weight. It can also lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
  • Smoking during pregnancy: Cigarettes result in low birth weight of the kid. It also leads to premature babies. It can result in babies having respiratory disorders.

Nothing is impossible. You just need to have the will power to do it.

Now after 3 years she still does not touch alcohol or have a fag. She has also turned a Vegan.

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