To the depth of darkness
|   Jun 01, 2017
To the depth of darkness

Olivia was nineteen and had blood on her hands.

A year back, Olivia was a beautiful, gorgeous girl and had just turned eighteen.  With Blue eyes, long brown hair, fair complexion she looked like a princess from a fairy tale.

She had just finished her school and had stepped into college which was one of the Ivy League institutes. She had been a nerd throughout her life. In spite of her social Ineptness & Self Consciousness, with her Wit, beauty and charm, she found herself surrounded by lots of friends in college. She started opening herself and participated in all the college activities.

In one of the parties, she met Justin who was a very handsome boy. Cupid stuck her and they started dating and things looked just perfect for some time. Slowly he got her into the habit of smoking and drinking.

Inquisitiveness, adventurism and young age – a lethal combination, led her to the dark world of Drugs. Snorting cocaine, smoking Marijuana became a part of her life. Initially it all looked fascinating, but soon she ran out of money to buy drugs.

She started stealing money from her house. The addiction went to an extent where she would do anything for these drugs. Money became a major problem for Olivia. A few bad apples among her friends, introduced her to a few people and she had walked into the dark underbelly of the sex trade. Now she started to sleep with anybody for money to buy drugs. She had just walked into the depth of darkness.

Nosebleeds, track marks, burnt lips became normal. She also had delusions, hallucinations, depression and agitation. Taking advantage of her situation, a boy promised her a large portion of drugs but failed to keep his words. In her craving for drugs and in a fit of rage, she killed that person. Meanwhile she had not realized that she had conceived and was running in her fifth month. More so because she had PCOD.

Olivia was jailed and in addition sent to the anti addiction center. She had to undergo long term treatment, detoxification, medication, behavioral counseling and evaluation for depression and anxiety.

Now after five years she is out of jail and happily settled as a teacher in a school with a son.

Effects of maternal cocaine usage from google:

Migraines, seizures, premature membrane rupture, separation of the placental lining from the uterus prior to delivery, hyper tension, spontaneous miscarriage, preterm labor.

She had gone into the depth of darkness and is back.

Author’s note:

“Prevention is always better than cure”. If you are already into the habit, you can still QUIT NOW. It is always “better late than never”.

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