How it feels to be a WOMAN
|   May 12, 2016
How it feels to be a WOMAN

Does a man ever realize what it’s like to be a  female , a lady , a mother , a daughter , a daughter-in-law , a wife and most importantly a woman ?

The responsibilities of these roles are not defined by anyone but being a woman …trust me we kill ourselves to not only perform and excel in everything but we also write new job descriptions every  single day , against each role , to make us better at it which is based on our previous experiences to make the life of our family better


Men talk about ladies being overly emotional ….….do they realize how much mental effort she is making to not show the intense turmoil she is actually experiencing inside herself , what is being exposed to them is only the tip of the iceberg . She gets hurts emotionally umpteen times and only ever reverts back a few

Men talk about wives not being accommodative with In-laws… do they realize how difficult it is to live with someone who treats you like a step-child every day for the entire year… year after year  ….and still pretend to be a happy wife as the in-laws look after their precious child

Men talk about females behaving funny on periods …do they realize what it’s like to have multiple hormones causing havoc in your body every 5 weeks in a month , every month ..for most of your life and still go about doing your day & night job as if your body is infused with only happy hormones


Men talk about a Mothers being always obsessed about their child’s every aspect ….do they realize that mothers live in a constant fear that either something might happen to the baby or she herself might die before her baby becomes a mature adult and hence all her actions are to nourish her child at all levels and make her child as independent as possible.


Men talk about a daughter behaving funny and kid like when she goes to meet her family …and she does not behave like a mature wife of his ….do they realize that it’s only in this house ..her parent’s house … this small piece of heaven.. that she actually feels stress-free …in all true sense…. Alive


Trust me we did not ask God to give us the responsibility of bearing the child , of making our body a cocktail of hormones we are unable to decipher …of making the bond with our child so difficult to put in words … but that’s what we have got …so… If only a man could just try seeing it from a woman’s perspective even if it is to understand just one role for only one day in a year … you would be able to understand us better


To all the men out there who mock and pass funny comments like “Oh we don’t understand women”  … I can only say one thing … I hope in your next life you become a woman and then trust me you would know “

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