My dear Ladies..Don't be SORRY for frivolous reasons!
|   Oct 06, 2016
My dear Ladies..Don't be SORRY for frivolous reasons!

I came across a recent study that suggests women are 37 percent more likely to apologize than men--and often for totally bogus reasons--lets vow to break the trend.

 It made me contemplate as to what could be those apologies, a list (not exhaustive though) is as below:

1.When we want an off from our workplace

“Sorry, would it be OK if I take next Friday off?”

Well.. don’t we all owe our Casual leaves and sick leaves? Do not apologize for taking advantage of your job’s most basic benefits.

2.When we don’t look like a Greek Goddess (remember those bad hair days?)

“Sorry, I’m in sweats and my hair isn’t washed. I’m the worst!”

Some days you won’t be manicured, pedicured, properly plucked, that doesn’t bar you from being public. Relax, you are not a mannequin who should always display the highest selling stuff! And how can your superficial appearance contribute to you being “worst”?

3.When we need to remind someone for doing something, which they need to do

“I’m so sorry to even bring it up, but please could you return my tool box? Actually I need the hammer from for xxyy reason”.

It’s your tool box which you lent out of courtesy, during a time, when someone needed it the most. Once their job is done, it’s their responsibility of returning it, you cannot be sorry for asking your thing back and you need not provide any reason for it whatsoever!

4.When we have an opinion

“Sorry, but I just think that Meha’s idea will not augment our company’s sales”.

It’s ok to have an opinion, you cannot in fact not supposed to utter the word ‘sorry’ for that. Some other person might veto your idea as well. It’s ok.. that’s how we learn right?

Don’t apologize for having strong beliefs. Lord knows men don’t.

5.When we do not respond to someone as soon as possible

“Ooohhh.. saw your text an hour back, I’m so sorry for net getting back to you sooner”.

Yes, it’s rude to ignore somebody for days on end. But it’s OK to see a text or email and take a few hours before writing back. After all we do have a life outside your phone. We also have our priorities sorted out, so it’s always better to move sequentially in sync with our priorities.

6.When we are (oh… so) emotional

“Aahh… this feels great to receive the award for Star of the Quarter..Sorry I can’t control my tears of joy”.

Its ok to let your hormones be playful for a while, after all we are humans, emotions are inevitable right? It’s even ok to cry after watching an emotional flick..but why apologize if your display of emotions is totally involuntary.

Having said that,that doesn't mean you have to discourteous, I strongly believe in courtesy, the ritual by which we avoid hurting other people's feelings by satisfying our own ego!

So be polite but not SORRY!

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