SAHM -Shove away your guilt!Blog post by Debashree Basak
|   Oct 12, 2016
SAHM -Shove away your guilt!Blog post by Debashree Basak

I’m currently a SAHM, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the phase. I’m quite in awe, as to how my little darling is growing up so fast. I wish I had a machine to cage time, so that she never outgrows my lap!

It was Rose Kennedy who said, "I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love and duty but as a profession that demanded the best that I could bring to it." Like Rose, I have found that indeed motherhood is a profession, and it certainly deserves the best I can bring to it.

What happens at home is central to a child's ability to function throughout his life Home is where bonding takes place and a child learns to attach to relationships. When a child can attach, that means they learn to trust people. Learning to trust is essential for having healthy relationships throughout life.

The people who completely immerse themselves in the tiring, thankless, profoundly important job of raising children ought to be put on a pedestal. We ought to revere them and admire them like we admire rocket scientists and war heroes. These women are doing something beautiful and complicated and challenging and terrifying and painful and joyous and essential. Whatever they are doing, they ARE doing something, and our FUTURE DEPENDS on them doing it well. Who else can say such a thing? If your mother quit her role as mother, entire lives would be turned upside down; society would suffer greatly. The ripples of that tragedy would be felt for generations. If she quit her job as a computer analyst, she’d be replaced in four days and nobody would care. Same goes for you and me. We have freedom and power in the home, not the office. But we seldom see that!

Having said that, I do not intend to jeopardize the morale of a working mother. Every WM manages professional and domestic life with élan,the biggest example being my mom who held a prestigious designation in a renowned PSU throughout her career without side-lining us in any manner whatsoever. Children can never be considered ancillary for any mother, be it WM or SAHM. Even I was a working woman, who thoroughly enjoyed her job and cherishes every award and accolade received along with the delightful moments spent in the corporate world. Probably I might again start to work, what I intent to mean is , if you are a SAHM, that does not make you any less of a woman!

 For those who say “Yes, she is just a mother”. Which is like looking at the sky and saying, “hey, it’s just the sun.”

 Finally, it’s probably true that stay at home moms have some down time. People who work outside the home have down time, too. In fact, there are many, many jobs that consist primarily of down time, with little spurts trivial activity strewn throughout.

Motherhood, is a higher calling. No matter what child we are raising, we have a calling to sacrifice, to lay down our own needs and wants for something bigger than ourselves.

Moms make the world a better place. So, on the days you doubt, on the days you’re weary and torn, and on the days you wonder what you’ve done all day, remember that the task of motherhood is a noble one, a higher calling. It’s worth the sacrifice, and each MOMent is precious!

                                                                          Happy Parenting !

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