First birthday celebrations
|   Jul 21, 2017
First birthday celebrations

Birthday ......a special day in every ones life,day of celebration. But the definition of celebration differ from individual to individual. Some like to party ,have a get together with family friends ,while some take a trip, some like to enjoy their own company. And what these tiny little bunch,turning one would prefer? I suppose to have milk ,sleep n poop  and of course mom n dad by their side . But to their surprise we plan a grand birthday party ,inviting all our friends,relatives ,neighbours and all people we know.   A Grand Celebration !!!! But wait do our children enjoy such type of celebration? Give it a thought .All must have observed  the behavior of babies at such parties or functions. They are crying all the time ,or have irritable behavior cause people are gathering around ,some try to kiss them ,some pull their cheeks .....situation becomes chaotic for them. On top of that people and parents too are trying to click as many pics as possible. Is this a birthday celebration for the child or a punishment ?  They may catch infection too ,as they get expose to many people. So we end up making our children sad on their birthday which I m sure no parents wish. All enjoy the party except the birthday boy or girl.

Please give it a thought, is it that our children want these celebrations or its us. Is it necessary to have grand celebrations? We are imposing our wishes on them. Let them decide how to celebrate their birthday when they grow up.  We can spend that money on orphans or under privileged children making those little ones happy .Can have a birthday party when our munchkins grow up,if they wish, of course

What u'll think ? Plz comment 

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