5 things my daughter is looking forward to this rainy season
|   Jul 17, 2015
5 things my daughter is looking forward to this rainy season

Last Friday morning, I woke up, to the most beautiful sound a person can hear. The musical sound of the pitter-patter of the rains. The first showers of the rain excited me so much that I woke up my almost 4-year old from a deep slumber. Together, she and I went to the windows to watch the heavens pouring down. The branches of the lush green trees were drooping under the relentless onslaught of the steady rains, the tarmac roads lay hidden under the water, cars were splashing water everywhere while pedestrians under their colourful umbrellas were briskly walking and avoiding the muddy puddles, and the pigeons and the crows were safely perched on the sills disinterested spectators to the drama unfolding before them.

Ask any Mumbaikar which is the most beautiful sight in the city. And he or she is bound to respond with ‘the rains in Mumbai’. And, so was the case with both of us, who couldn’t get enough of the breathtaking sight in front of us.

Then my daughter said, “Mama, this is lovely. Now I will jump in the muddy puddles.”

No sooner had she said that, than a mental picture of her dressed in her white and pink Hello Kitty PJs and sleepers jumping in the muddy potholes on the streets below floated before my eyes.

I instantly cringed and groaned, “No, you will not.”

She looked at me. Aghast and upset. Looking at her crestfallen face, drooping mouth and big eyes, a wave of guilt washed over me.

What’s wrong with you? I argued with myself. Have you forgotten those days when you used to come back home all drenched and muddy from playing in the rains, and all your mummy said to you was, “Go take a hot bath first.”

I remembered the beautiful face of my mother and her sweet gentle voice, and my partial amnesia lifted. Oh, how could I not let my sweet little daughter enjoy herself in the rains? And I promised to myself (silently) and to her very vocally, “Of course you will jump in the puddles and do lots more.” Her happiness is more important to me than some dirty clothes.

She looked at me. This time her big eyes were lit up with excitement and her mouth turned up into a beautiful smile. She gave me a bear hug. Aha! She could have jumped in as many muddy puddles as she wanted for that warm hug.

I have decided to be a Nazi Mama no more this monsoon season. It’s her childhood; the precious age when she can be herself; no pretense, no artifice. I must let her discover herself, grow up with lovely memories.

So here are the 5 things my daughter (and me too)  has decided to do this rainy season: :

Take a rainbath: Taking a shower or a bath from a bucket in the bathroom is no big deal. But I want her to enjoy the pure raindrops falling on her delicate skin.

Jump in the muddy puddles: My daughter wants it, she shall have it. I want her to enjoy the muddy fun.. And for all we know, I can jump in too with her to relive my childhood.

Sail paper boats: No monsoon enjoyment is complete without sailing paper boats. The mission is to teach her to make paper boats (from used papers only) and have a lovely time sailing them in puddles.

Enjoy corn on the cob: Mmm... my mouth’s already watering! Who hasn’t happy memories of eating hot buttery corn on the cob while drenching in the rains? It may be no gourmet food, but I want her to enjoy this monsoon yummy delight.

Go on a picnic: Rains and picnic, not an ideal combination. However, I want to give caution to the winds (or rather rains) and embark on a beautiful journey. The ghats are beautiful this time around, and a pure delight to enjoy. It will be great to visit nearby places and expose her to the beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, flora, etc.

Enjoyment is fine, but, for a mother, safety always comes first. And I am no different. So while my daughter enjoys the rains in her own special ways, I need to take care, there is no compromise on her health.

Things to remember while she enjoys herself in the downpour:

·         Keep my darling’s nails short.

·         Make her wear gumboots.

·         Make sure the puddle waters are fresh and not stagnated for a long time.

·         Make her take a hot bath with a disinfectant after the sojourn.

·         Never let her run around in rains with an open wound.

·         For the picnic, keep a towel and a change of clothes handy.

If you are wondering how to help achieve Khuljaaye Bachpan for your child this monsoon, do not worry. Follow the above tips. Witness the delight on your child’s face; nothing else matters.


Tell me what are you and your child planning to do in the rains.

Image credit: twinsmummy.wordpress.com

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