How I let my child get HURT to make her HAPPY!
|   Sep 18, 2015
How I let my child get HURT to make her HAPPY!

Let me start with an incident that happened a few days ago. One of my neighbours and I were standing in the society compound and as most women do (feminists, save me your claws, please!) were yapping away nineteen to the dozen, while our kids (her girl aged 7 and mine 4) were circling around us playing catch-catch. Just then, her daughter lost her balance. No sooner did she fall down than my neighbour rushed to her daughter’s side and grabbed her in her arms and started soothing her. I checked out the girl’s legs and hands, but they didn’t have a single scratch. But, the girl still began to cry. I guess, more from the shock that something might have happened to her than actually any hurt. Anyway, she soon stopped crying. The mother re-started talking to me and the girls resumed their game. Next, it was my daughter’s turn to fall down. I saw her falling down, but didn’t react. My neighbour exclaimed, “She has fallen down. She must have got hurt.” I simply shook my head and refused to look in my daughter’s direction. And in the next instant, from the corner of my eye, I saw my little girl getting up with a smile on her face; she wiped her dirty hands on the front of her dress and started running again.

The long story short - kids are as independent and brave as parents allow them to be.

It’s so sad that we want a happy childhood for our kids, but don’t let them have one. By our constant hovering and unnecessary attention, we rob them of their independence, imagination, creativity and willpower.

Another thing that bothers me a lot these days is the eerie silence in the society playgrounds and parks. There are no kids to play outdoor games like

hide and seek, hopscotch, land and water, lock and key, gully cricket, etc. Why? Because they are too busy hopping classes - drawing class, English language class, Abacus workshop, chess class, music and dance class, computer class..and the list just goes on. Where do they have time to play silly games in the park?

Seriously, if only we would realize how important these ‘silly’ games are? They help kids bond, search, explore, experiment, learn and grow. No class can teach kids important life skills that a playground can.

- When a child falls down on the ground, she will learn to get up on her own. Because, you won’t be always around to help her.

- When she becomes a denner in a game, she will learn to strategize to defeat the opponent.

- When she plays with a team, she will learn to adjust and bond with her team members.

- When she leads a team, she will acquire and hone her leadership skills.

- When she fights with her friends and comes back home upset, she will learn that the world, including her friends cannot work according to her wishes and command, and that people can have difference of opinions.

- When she hurts herself, she will learn that life is not a bed of roses.

A playground, apart from providing playful moments, also provides new experiences to children on a daily basis.

Parenting is not only about feeding and soothing the child. It’s about nurturing the child’s body, mind and soul. Only when we set our kids free, will they be free to learn and grow.

Childhood is an awesome time of the life, as only we can know and be nostalgic about it. How about remembering our happy childhood, where we played carefree and without a moment’s worry? How about creating a similar childhood for our kids as well? Let’s pledge a Khuljaaye Bachpan for our kids – a carefree, unfettered and fearless bachpan.

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