A Mighty Tree, Mighty Women
|   Mar 08, 2016
A Mighty Tree,  Mighty Women

A tree is withering.

Its branches are drooping,

its trunk is greying,

and its leaves are falling to the ground.

It does not thrive.

Why does the tree not flourish?

The seed, it must be the seed.

The seed is its essence, the first sign of life stems from that seed.

It was how the seedling was handled, nurtured, and planted in the earth,

It’s beginning was flawed, right from the start.

Nourishment, it must be that the tree is not being sustained.

The sun shines down around it, but not on it,

although the rain falls, the tree can not feel it.

The soil is not rich enough,

and the air, it’s there, but the air is unbreathable.

The tree is not receiving all that it needs.

The roots, it must be the tree’s roots,

that which allows the tree to grow and to be grounded.

They’ve been cut,


or constricted for too long.

The roots are damaged.

The tree can’t accept the nourishment that it needs.

The tree struggled to live, but in the end, it is not only living,  

the tree is thriving.

The tree’s branches were weak,

its crown not full,

and the tree’s fruit was not sweet.  

Yet, the tree was never too fragile or too timid to fail.

The tree survived, with each passing year, it endured.

The tree’s roots deepened over time,

they become more and more entangled with its surroundings,

and as they did, the tree became prosperous,

its flowers blossomed, its fruit became luscious.

The tree slowly let the air work its way in,

the soil soon nourished the tree,

the rain soothed the tree’s drying roots,

and the tree began to bask in the rays of the glorious sun.

As for the seed, time allowed the beginning to slowly drift away.

The tree’s grace and dignity may have been tainted,

yet it grew into and above the sky,

for all to see.

Its beauty developed and shone through.

The tree’s strength, courage,

and perseverance allowed the tree to be.

The mighty tree represents the woman in me,

and the woman in you.  

When we are born into this world,

we are shaped and molded, like the seed,

and we struggle to maintain ourselves.

We are fed by our environment, sometimes we accept what we are given,

other times we reject it, in favor of our own inclinations.  

Our roots define and constrain us, while simultaneously providing us comfort and strength.

Sometimes we falter, sometimes we wither.

Yet, just as the mighty tree, we, women, endure.

Our essence, who we are,

whether it is who we are driven to be or made to be,

is what guides us.

Our strength, courage, and perseverance ultimately allows us to be.

And, when we realize the value of that,

the value of ourselves,

we thrive.

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