Still Unanswered: What to do to become a good mother?
|   Jul 25, 2017
Still Unanswered: What to do to become a good mother?

Being a IT Graduate I have a lots of dreams to be my own. Journey was good , was enjoying every step whether it takes me to up or down I was loving it with my best friend turned hubby , my son and my office job but soon my heart was filled with Guilt that a little sneeze of my son is also because of me , my career has made him to settle in Day Care. Finally, I left the job to become good mother!!

Happily was enjoying each second spend with my son, sooner I realize I lost myself then again a guilt came to my way. Why I am thinking so when I spend full time with my family? Mind fight was severe, concluded with luck winning and I got full time Work from Home Job. Heart was joyful now my career and my son both in front of me. I realized sooner its very tough to manage baby and job simultaneously, I again lost myself as no spare time for myself either work or baby. Confused mind was almost to burst as I was unable to give full dedication to either of them. I started a thought office job was much better than WFH atleast whatever I spend time with my son or job it was with full dedication. Finally, I again quit WFH job to search another way to become good mother!!

After being a long time house maker, I didn't got satisfied that I am doing 100% good parenting than mothers who are working. 

Now I became Entrepreneur to work according to myself but still my head keep on banging with question Am I doing right with myself or with my son. 

I work to balance myself and family but still this unanswered question keeps popping up "What should I do to become a good mother"?

Please let me know in comment box the answer of this question!!!

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