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Age: Prior to this game the child should have knowledge of words, pictures and associating with them.

This can be done with one or a few children. It can be a formal lesson that takes place at a table or a mat, or in can be done casually during the course of the daily activities (but of course, do not interrupt a child who is at work with another activity).

Step 1: For the child's introduction to the game, make the first clues as obvious as possible: "I spy some thing that starts with 'b' that you are holding in your hand." E.g. Ball

Step 2: Other ones to begin with are: "I spy something you are sitting on that starts with 'ch'," or "I spy someone who just came in the room whose name starts with 'j'."

Note: Use sounds and phonetics. 

With 2 or 3 Objects

  1. Initial - Ask the child to bring the material to his working mat. Introduce the objects one by one from basket or bag. E.g. This is apple, this is banana, this is orange. The name lessons are already given , so you can ask the child "what is this holding the object in hand"?
  2. Step 1: "I spy an object that starts with sound "a", keep one object apple , Next step describe its color, "It is red in color", Keep giving hints.

With Objects Around the Room

  1. Step one - "I spy in this room an object which start from letter sound 'd' ". E.g. door
  2. Next step - Describe the qualities of door like big, color, you close etc. Hints

Ending Sounds

  1. Step one - "I spy an object that ends with 'n' . e.g fan
  2. Next step - Give hints

Middle Sounds

  1. Step one - "I spy a word that has sound 'a' in middle". e.g 'bat or ball' depending on the sound you want to tell.
  2. Next step - give hints that describes the object.

Note: Do not use the letter names for these games. Use the sounds of the letters.

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