Paint with little fingers and gentle heart
|   Dec 19, 2016
Paint with little fingers and gentle heart

Parents invest time, resource, money for the welfare of their kids in education, cycle, dress, food, vacation. Why not invest at right age, right time for painting class too. Painting lessons helps the child in following ways;

Creative imagination or Skill - creativity is not genetic and you are not born with but it creativity is often encouraged and developed. They say ‘sow the seed at tender age, then the flower blossoms’.

Motor Skill Development and Coordination - It helps the child to develop his/her motor skills required for hand eye coordination. The child has to replicate or draw an image, this involves memory, involvement of sensorial organs like eyes to see, hands to touch, feel and work, so his hands and eyes learn to work together

Helps to Focus or Develop Concentration - There 2 things children love and enjoy with full concentration i.e. eating favorite food and playing. Why, because they have the freedom and space given there.   Give children drawing, painting classes, who are distracted, have less concentration, need help in focus,

Sense of Pride and Achievement - It is a joy and personal achievement, it reflects their hard work. This is achieved in any art class as the creativity is individual based and is not mechanical or routine oriented. Child is not bound to rules and has freedom to think and act. There is no academic analysis or ranking or grading which can be tough for any child.

Follow Up - children have issues with follow up in tasks or project. Unfinished work or assignments can become a habit which can hinder their personal and school life. Art classes help children to finish any task till end.

Cultural and history understanding – a child is connected to his roots and culture strongly and intimately. It becomes the duty of adult as parent or as teacher to nourish this also. To understand history or art of any country or region we see their art or go to respective country’s art museum. It’s easier to connect, see, and appreciate it. Children are the carrier of our culture.

Communication and expression – Art has no language barrier, without verbal or use of words we can express and yet communicate. Colours have their own fantasies and fairy tales behind them. If the painting class provides the child with all the right things then there is scope for healthy way of expressing and communicating.

Painting lessons for kids is the basic step to be taken for above developments.

 Types of Painting

  1. Use of acrylic paint is one of the choices as it is permanent, dries quickly, its easily available and easy to use. Acrylic paint has bright hues and good to start with.
  2. Finger painting- kids use their finger as painting; this is one way of feeling the colour, touching water and then exploring art. It can be done, on a sheet of wax paper or drawing paper. It easier to clean the fingers with a wet towel or sponge after the task.
  3. Tempera is an affordable, non-toxic paint that kids could use. Before the task make sure you cover the floor and dress up your kids in apron clothes.
  4. Things to be used are from house hold items; household brushes, dish brushes, String for string painting, marbles or objects for marking, from nature leaves, feathers, His or her hands for finger painting.
  5. Face Painting is applying cosmetic paint on the face with some artistic or theme based designs. On occasions like Halloween, sports event at school and events like theme based birthday party. Both adults and kids can learn and apply face painting but for kids it is the most fun part as they create it on their own and use them at functions for self-expression.

Help your Child Enjoy, Explore and Educate themselves in Art & Painting class.


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