Rock On 2 - Film Review
|   Dec 05, 2016
Rock On 2 - Film Review

To each on suit one, its a person's choice to go for a movie of his/her type or genre. Here am presenting some review points for the film Rock On 2.

Genre – Musical Drama and Melodrama

Cast – The band of boys the main characters are Farhan, Arjun Rampal, Shradha kappor followed by Prachi Desai, and others revolving around the movie.


The story of rock star Farhan goes flashback where he rejects and postpones an budding artist dream which create a story and chain of actions which breaks him down, breaks the group and tears his soul. Most beautiful place in the world Meghalaya’ is mesmerizing, if u don’t want to see the movie at-least go to this place.

The story emphasizes the need to change by individuals to make peace with themselves and others. Story finds connection in Mumbai, Joe (Arjun Rampal) buddy-chuddy of farhan who owns and hosts a TV reality show has all money and fame in his pocket but his heart torn. KD (Purab Kohli) still hopes to reunite with the two once again and make music someday.  Prachi Desai plays simple, short but mature role.


  • Theme - The film is about Gang of friends and their journey of life. The main funda of the movie is Soul Searching, ethics in life and your profession which one wins. The villain is inside you not outside and each character fights their own enemy within and emerges out.
  • Cinematography:  Marc Koninckx’s cinematography is remarkable and deserves a special mention as well.
  • The importance of individuality in society- Yes very much show casing the individuals dilemmas, demons in each of them and how they overcome. Farhan is the disturbed person who is in search of himself, who has lost his peace of mind long back ago. His quest for life, value of people in his life, the longing to bring music into his life is the key struggle.
  • Human strength or human compassion -In the alps of Meghalaya Farhan finds peace who helps the local farmer and contributes to betterment of society.
  • His friends Arjun Rampal, becomes shrewd business man in his journey of life yet retains his human nature and displays when needed, his love for his friend, his love for music and both combine together his contribution to the society at large is nice portrayal.
  • Human fallibility Factor – The role of Pandit ji great sarod player whose son Rahul aspires to be a Rock star exposes the clash of two generations.
  • Characters Analysis
  • They defined by their roles Farhan- who plays rock star and social worker, Arjun-Musician, friend and shrewd businessman, Shradha the confused and aspiring musician. Yes clothes, accessories and properties were well synchronized.
  • The conversation between two individuals in film or group of people was simple and realistic. The talk between Shradha and Farhan at point when she discovers the truth is touching and how it melts Farhan’s heart is worth it. The group talk among friends describes the whole story, the dilemmas and decisions taken by them in life.
  • They say lot about things like ethics in life, independence, morality, political belief and sense of belonging to society.
  • If u observe the camera creates story from Farhans point of view & is quite convincing. The story is told mostly from the subjective perspective of one person.
  • Mise-en-scene a French term roughly translated as what is put into the scene (put before the camera)
  • Yes the objects & props in the setting, natural ones like mountain, rivers & trees have a special significance that relates to the characters, theme, & story. Beautiful Meghalaya ‘The Location establishes the film's tone, historical & cultural context, & served as a great backdrop to a character's psychological state of mind.
  • The musical instruments the Inanimate objects seem to have a life when held by artist.
  • The lighting suggest about the tone or mood of a scene e.g. farhans fear depicted in black, grey shades, also his psychological mindset.
  • Music and sound has a multitude of relations to the image & the narrative:
  • Music and lyrics is the main link in this film, link to all leads involved in this film. The Rock stars musical band at various locations in Open air, at Meghlaya and at studio is well portrayed.
  • The reason for this strategy of music being linked is evident as the story is about Musicians and Artist, clash of their ideologies, the aspirations upcoming artist have and what the music industry can offer to them.
  • The portrayal of Shradha kapoors father in film is mostly silence which depicted his role in the film.
  • The song rendered by Mrs. Usha Uthup was cutest and the Meghalya band was cute and awesome.
  1. Climax - After the massive attack of forest fire in Farhans Farm in Meghalay he takes shelter in music to heal him at the same time trying to figure out a way to help his people there. At a particular point when he gets relief food to his distraught people along with Shradha he gives food to children, but they refuse to eat, this scene is the Soul and Essence of the message, it really can melt any one’s heart.
  2. A sense of closure at the end is a happy one but with heavy heart and strong social message. Your contribution towards the society and fellow being is evident in this movie.
  3. Key word ‘Take responsibility of your life’, ‘Fight, fight and make it work in end’.

Yup my review is based on certain points needed to analyze any film. thank you.

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