Quantifying A Mother's Love
|   Nov 09, 2015
Quantifying A Mother's Love

My dearest daughter,

Words fail me and I wonder where did the years go by. Time, certainly was not our friend , it slipped by so quickly. Where did these 18 years go by? It was just the other day, I was fervently praying for a little girl. Pink ribbons and pony tails and bonnets to match. Daddy's doll, Big brother's punching bag, your grouse that he'd pull your plaits to talk to you and hide your dolls! The tiny patter and those innocent button eyes, you, who loved Peter Rabbit and Benjamin bunny. Chasing butterflies and kissing flowers in the garden and filling our lives with peals of laughter. Some said, I loved you too much, hugged you more than required but who knew a Mama's heart , no matter how much I loved you both, there was still so much more.

As you grew up and you watched the world turn and disintegrate into bits , you stood strong, like a sentinel , the little girl  grew up overnight. You kept our spirit high, determined to overcome all, tactile and tenacious , you fought back with all your might.  You are now poised to fly and seek your own path, this is all I have to say to you, my little girl.   

Do u know how much you mean to me?away and faryou live in my heartyou will be what you will beand i will beyou came from within meand from my heart

you will be there alwayseven as your life begins nowyou are growing so fast it sends me in whirlwith mist in my eyes, I askwhere is my little girl?time will quickly flywith laughter n joyand with a few tears to crygo forth, spread your wingsstand tallbe my sense of pridelet there be no fearall your goals and dreams are nearwith love in your heart and world by its tailyou will be a winnerand victory will prevailI tell you of my heartfelt love in rhythm n rhyme From, Ma

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