I let my kids play in the rains, do you?
|   Sep 17, 2015
I let my kids play in the rains, do you?

The cloudy sky during the monsoon fascinates me. I feel like leaving everything else just to enjoy the artistic beauty of the clouds hovering above; it’s something that fills my heart with ecstasy. I am a PLUVIOPHILE.​ I have always remained close to nature and wondered what else Mother Nature has in store for us which will surprise us beyond limits. As it is mostly perceived that kids imbibe and inherit their parents, so do mine. I have always let them enjoy the rains and been a  part of their excitement. I relive my youth with my kids, enjoying every shower of the rain. Each year, the monsoon brings back memories of the previous one and we make sure to add more of such things to remember for the coming years. Rains are the best time for outdoor activities. Playing Frisbee or football or cricket, be it anything that you usually play with your kids on a sunny day, trying it on a rainy day will guarantee you more fun. Skidding, slipping and splashing will add to your pleasure. The children become carefree with no limits for enjoyment.


We are lucky to have a ground in our society.. On rainy weekends, a bunch of friends and a few exuberant parents gear up for the football matches. FOOTBALL, no doubt,  ​is best enjoyed in the Monsoon. The splash of water with every kick is a treat to senses. Slipping while playing is like the icing on the cake. It's bliss. Those playful moments are so carefree. As adults and parents, we must have all enjoyed rains and outdoor activities when we were young. Nowadays, with so many gadgets, games and TV programs that our children are hooked on to, it is our duty to bring them back to the fields and letting them enjoy just like we did in our childhood. Nothing can be more enthralling than playing on the team opposite our children. The match may be a victory or a defeat, but we will surely make special memories and enjoy it to the core. Take pictures and create reflections.


Rains are special; they really do bring families together. You’ll appreciate the beauty of nature and will see things with a different perspective once you go out and enjoy them. Running out at the slightest sound of rain, getting drenched, splashing in puddles, making paper boats and dancing in the backyard; all of this followed by a warm bath and a steaming cup of hot chocolate while being curled up in a blanket – these were surely some of the simple but pure joys of growing up. Long walks in the rain with an umbrella, or hiking across mountains without any rain gear are some of the other activities to do with kids. Let them enjoy rains,, let them live their childhood. Gadgets and technology can wait for another day.


After a strong shower of rain, it feels as if everything has been cleansed, the air is pure and pollutant free. And of course, there is always the possibility of a rainbow! These feelings never change and will return every year with the monsoon.

This enthusiasm, of course, does not come without lurking dangers. It also brings with it the possibility of accidents and injuries. Be a smart mom and keep some precautions in mind. You can also chart out a hygiene plan for them so that, in spite of all the activities that could expose them to germs, they maintain some standards of cleanliness to protect them from all the monsoon health hazards. Since being forewarned is forearmed, it will be a good idea to take another look at your first ­aid kit ­whether the stock of antiseptic solutions, creams, sterile cotton, gauze and last, but not the least, enough strips of medicated plaster, needs replenishing. If it does, then it will be a good idea to pick up everything and keep it handy. To make children spare thought to the hygiene aspect is an impossible task but setting some rules in the house can ensure that germs are kept at bay. Make it a rule that your children should wash their hands after they are back from the playground. Washing hands with an antiseptic soap will ensure that all the germs collected in the field outside are exterminated when your child follows this ritual. Keeping the bathroom stocked with a bar of antiseptic soap as well as liquid will ensure that the child has fun under the shower and also gets rid of all the bacteria, germs and filth at the same time. Make sure all the wounds and grazes are cleaned thoroughly and the kid should take his tetanus shots to rule out contracting any hazardous disease. Cleaning and drying the wound should be the first step. If you make sure that you are well armed against an eventuality, the rains will surely feel like heaven for both you, and your children. Rainy days are a great opportunity for kids and parents to do something together outdoor and create amazing family memories. Instead of thinking of rainy days as depressing or a nuisance, make it a “special” ​day and do things you would not have done otherwise. Indulge in outdoor activities, let your kids explore the wonders of nature, khuljaye bachpan for them!


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