First Flight of Fantasy
|   Feb 15, 2016
First Flight of Fantasy

First  of  everything  has  its  own  charm,  whether  it  is  our  first  school,  college,  crush,  love,  salary,  or  your  first  born  child.  

It  was two  years  back,  my  daughter  travelled  by  plane  for  the  very  first  time.
It  was  her  maiden  flight,  I  myself  was  also  travelling  by  air  after  almost  five  years.
Well,  staying  in  small  town  makes  you  closely  bonded  with  people  around,  but  on  the  other  hand it  also  in  a  way  isolates  you  from  the  big  good/bad  world  outside.
For  so  many  years,  buses  or  cars  were  my  modes  of  travel.  As travelling  was  not  required   much   and  very  rarely  we made   visits  outside  the  hill-station,  and  when  few  times  decided  to  travel  by  air,    the  weather  played  the  spoil-sport. 
It was  a  train  journey  from  Kalka  to  Delhi, which marked our arrival at Delhi.
But then,  after  four years,  i got the  opportunity  to  travel  by  air , that  too,  with  my  young  one.  It  was  a   small  flight  journey,  of  just  one  hour,  from  Delhi  to Gaggal  Airport  in  District Kangra  in  Himachal Pradesh.  
 For  spending  her  Summer vacations,  she  was  again  going  back  to  the  hills,  and  this  time  for  the  very  First time  by  air.  This  was  more  like  a  thrilling  or  adventure  ride  for  her.
Though  it  may  sound  strange  to  many,  but  look  or  feel  through  the  eyes  of  a  four  year  old  kid  or  for  that  matter  an  adult  travelling  by  aeroplane  for  the  very  first  time!!! Isn't  it  an  amazing  feeling!!!!!!! For  a  mother  to  see  her  child  so  eagerly  and  excitedly  waiting  for  her  very  first  plane  ride  becomes  all  the  more  wonderful  as  well  as  an emotional experience.
Born  in  a  small  town  and  living  there  for  three  years,  she  often  heard  the  roar  and  churning  of  small  planes  and  choppers  over  her  head  ,  flying  high  in  the  sky She  would  leave  everything  on  hearing  these  strange  sounds,  and  would  immediately  rush  outside  to  see  the  bird like  objects  flying  in  the  air.
She  often  asked  about  these  tiny  flying  objects  in  the  sky.
On being told that in the plane people are travelling, she would frantically wave  her hands towards  the sky.
So  very many  times,  she  also  expressed  her  wish  of  travelling  by  the aeroplane.
And  soon  the  day  arrived,  when  she  was  going  to  be  one  of   those  sitting  in  the  plane  and  having  an  opportunity  to  look  down  on the earth and also at the beautiful  skies  and  sights.
Well  for  me  as  a  mother  it  was not  easy,  as  i  had  my  own  apprehensions,  as  what   would  be  her  reaction,  when  the  plane  takes-off,  what  if  she  feels  uneasy,  feels  like  vomitting  or  her  ears tubes  get  blocked,  etc.
I  consulted  lot  of  my  relatives  and  friends ,but  everyone  laughed  at  me  and    told  me  to  just  take  it  easy.
As  it  was  my  daughter's  first  flight  and  her  excitement  was  beyond  words.
So  finally,   the day  arrived  and we both were ready  for  our  flight  of  fantasy. 
Soon  the  reverie  was  broken  ,as  our  taxi  hurled  at  the  Delhi Airport.   The  sky  was  overcast  in  Delhi,  but  in  Kangra,- it  was  raining  cats  and  dogs  with  thunderstorms  and lightening as  well. 
I  again  checked  the  weather  updates  on  my  mobile phone.  There  were  rain  predictions  ,but   I  still  kept  my  fingers  crossed.
I  prayed  to  the  rain Gods,  not  to  pour,  as it  was  my  darlings  first flight,  she  was  all  dressed  in  her  favorite  t-shirt  and  pajamas,  and  carrying  her  extra  over-coat,  as  it  was  slightly  nippy  in  the  hills,  we  had  made  all  necessary  arrangements  accordingly,  and  now  only  hurdle  left  was  regarding  the  weather. And  soon  the  message  on  my  mobile  informed  me,  that  flight  was  in  time. Hurray!!!!!!
She  had  hardly  slept  the  previous  night,  whole  night  she  was  listening  to  the  stories  about  the  aeroplanes  and  wondering ,  'how  it  would  feel  like?  to  be  in  the  midst  of  clouds,  so  high  in  the  air'!!  

As  we  made  our  way inside  the  Airport,  she  was  all  cheerful  to  see  the  mad-rush,  every  counter  was  bustling  with  people.  On  one  side  when  i  was  checking  the  luggage,  looking  for  tags  and  going  in  for  the  security  checks   and  on  the  other  side,  my  little  one  was  admiring  and  gazing  with  her  keen  eyes  every  minor  detail  of  the  people  and  place  around.  Like  a  shining  butterfly  she  spread  her  wings  and  instantly  made  friends  with  the  two  cute-little  kids  around  her.  Initially  a  bit  hesitant,  she  coyly  said  'hello'  to  them  but  then,  there  was  no  looking  back.

Looking  at  the  boarding  passes  and  tags  she  reminded  me  to  keep  it  properly  and  retain  them,  as  it  was  her  first  flight.
When  asked  for  the  seat  preference,  she  immediately  in    her  soft   and  gentle voice  conveyed to  me  about  the  'window seat' , and on  confirmation  ,she  was  all  pleased  and  overjoyed
. Well  these  are  the  joys  of  childhood,  how  small  little  things  make  us  happy  and  content.

Next,  as  we  boarded  the  aircraft  with  each  stair-step, my  excitement  was  coupled  with  nervousness  and  fear.

On  the  threshold  of  the  plane,    my  daughter  saw  a  smiling  lady  all    plastered  with  make-up  on  her  face  and  was  greeting  us   with  folded  hands.  My  little  one  also  smiled  back  at  her  with  folded  hands  and  politely  said  hello  to  her,  unlike  many  other  passengers  who  simply  ignored  to acknowledge them.
The  air-hostess  ushered  us  to  our  seats.  Peeping  outside  the  window,  my  little one  got  busy  observing  many  other  planes  on  the  runway,  and  then  suddenly  our  plane  moved  with a  slow pace ,  the  safety  instructions  were  given  by  the  crew  and  the  little  miss   carefully  listened  to  them.  I  fastened  her  seat-belt .The plane  was  all ready  to  take-off. 
After  a  while  she  was  uneasy  with  the  belt,  she  wanted  to  move  around,  have  a  look  around,  but  the  aircraft  gained  momentum, so  she  had no other option but just to sit back and watch.

Soon  the  aircraft  was  soaring  at  breathtaking  heights  in  the  sky,  and  she  marvelled  at  the  sight  of  wings  of  the  plane  and  the  running  blades  of  the  engine.
She  wanted  to  take  out  her  hands  to  feel  and  touch the  white  clouds.
After  20 minutes,  the  passengers  were  served    foods  and  beverages,  and  as  she  got  busy  munching , I  decided  to  take  a  nap,  but  suddenly  the  aircraft  shook  a  little  and  the  air hostess  made  an  announcement  -"Ladies  and  gentlemen,  we  are  encountering  bad  weather.  You  all  are  requested  to  return  back  to  your  seats  and  fasten  your  seat belts."
Poor  me!  who  was  sleep  deprived,  now  was  wide  awake  with  my  eye-balls  popping out literally,  till  the  time  turbulence  continued,  but  soon  the  rough  patch  passed  and  again  the  craft  was  gently  moving. 
As, i  also  tried  to  peep out  from  the  window,  I saw that the  concrete  jungles  had been long  left  behind,  and  one  could  easily  see  the  clear  demarcation  from  the  above,  between  the  concrete  and  lush  green  hills .

Few  minutes  later  the  70  seat er  aircraft  descended  to  the  airport  located  amidst  the  hills  in  the  God's  own  abode   -Himachal.
While  i  moved  to  collect  my  luggage,  my  little  one  spotted  her  nana  and  nani (grandparents)  waiting  outside  to  receive  us. 
Till  now  she  was  all  behaving  properly  and  was  in  awe  of  the  plane  and  the  journey,  but  seeing  her  grandparents,  she  just  rushed  to  the  exit door.
After  giving  them  a  warm  hug,  she  wasted  no  time  in  telling  them  all about  her  first  plane  ride.

Well  first  step  ,  first  day  of  school,  first  cry,  first  teeth,  first birthday,  the  first  of  you  and  your  child  is  always  special.  So  cherish  these very first  moments  of  life.  Stay  happy  first  and  always. 


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