She knows it all!! After all she is our Amma:)
|   May 08, 2016
She  knows it all!! After all she is our Amma:)

Every day should be Mothers Day, but in actual it does not happen that way.Just because a lady slogs the whole day for her family, is apt at multitasking, does not makes it Mothers Day. It rather makes us selfish, though mothers would be more than happy serving and feeding their families, and on the other hand dedicating just one day in a year to mothers would make it cherish for a lifetime.
Lot many people would argue or object to a single day being celebrated as Mothers Day, as they would say that all days are Mother's Day.
But how many of us would actually celebrate or give our respective mothers a break from her daily chores, which she so diligently and wholeheartedly performs.
My mother is like all other mothers and I'm like all other daughters , I have taken her for granted, annoyed her, loved her , laughed with her, but her actual importance and value I have only understood after I became a mother myself and guess we all daughters realise the worth of our mothers when we see and nurture our own kids, when they start throwing tantrums, a single bruise makes our heart weep for them and so we realise how our mothers felt for us,when we were kids.
Mummy, Maa, Mom or Amma are many synonyms for a mother.
Yes God created mothers, because he could not be present every where. He created them with lot of patience, which proves through the process of three trimesters every would be mother goes through . A mould once created for mothers was not possible for Gods to recreate again so there is no replacement for a mother. She was gifted with a large heart made gold on one side and on the other hand she was gifted with an ability to shield her children despite all odds ,as she stood like a solid rock but never could turn stone hearted .Her multiple invisible hands like Goddesses made her apt at multitasking and gave her titles like Mother India or Bharat Mata, though out mothers made up of flesh and blood are always found with their kids or kitchens.
In our country Ghar ka Khana only means Maa ke haath ka Khana.
Mothers also come in all shapes and sizes but one thing which makes them all the more same and unique is their love for their children ,whether it is a tiger mom or a one docile like a cow , their heart just melts at the mere sight of their fledglings.
How can one forget the famous dialogue from the movie Deewar "mere pass Maa hai",the most powerful and impactful dialogue, which has a lot of weightage in real life too.
A Mother is an amalgamation of strong yet gentle, the one who sings lullabies to us for that soothing peaceful sleep. The one who wipes our tears and makes us believe that we are worth it. The one who showers her unconditional love , nurtures us and to save us from prying or evil eyes never let us leave home without Pooja ka Prasad and curd , no matter how old we grow. How could one forget her kaala tikka or Laal mirchi tadka for shooing away negativity from our lives.
The new  age  mom  knows  it  all  but  still  looks  up  to  her  mom,  as  moms  are  moms  and  a  mother  knows  best.  


"For  the  hand  that  rocks  the  craddle

Is  the  hand  that  rules  the  world".

                                                             - William Ross Wallace.

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