There is nothing such as  ,"To Posh to Push"#C section or not
|   Jun 07, 2017
There is nothing such as  ,"To Posh to Push"#C section or not

Well there is a rattling ongoing debate between the normal and cesarian deliveries.

Trust me , whether your delivery was normal or through c-section, we all have experienced those nine months or three trimesters of changes , whether it was pertaining to our physical self or in our mind, the way we think or perceive things.

But the comparison between the two has not ceased to provide fodder to our ways of thinking , regarding the pros and cons of Normal versus the Cesarian.

Earlier c-section was performed only in case of emergency, but today , every second delivery is through csection. And yes, it would not be wrong to say that c-section is the new normal nowadays. Private nursing homes are minting money ,but trust me ,going in for a c-section is also not easy.

Those who draw comparisons between the normal and csection, and put the latter in the more easy category , must not do so, as csection delivery is equally painful , like the normal one.

There can be reasons for people , who opt for csection, after all its your body, your choice and when one develops complications during pregnancy, surgery becomes the only option for you.

The various common reasons attributed to such surgeries may be: rise in blood pressure of the mother, position of the child in the womb, busting of water bag, expecting more then one child ,or other health related complications with the expectant mother leading to premature birth.

Being a Csection mother myself,here is my side of story, without setting any bias against the normal deliveries.

First three trimesters of pregnancy were the toughest for me , as i was in the constant grip of morning sickness . For a first time mother, no amount of verbal advice can prepare her for intial stages of pregnancy , though the theoratical part may comfort you many times, but the practical one has to perform, all by them selves on their own instinct.

While i was in my first trimester , i was advised to a lot of things ,and as the pregnancy progressed, I was treated as some one special at times and at times a normal being.

From eating oranges to sweeping floors, I was expected to behave accordingly, not to pick up heavy things, to sleep in a specific positions , to reading books and watching television, all the content was under scanner.

But the most torturous part was the internal checkup every month, through which the gynae monitored the growth of the foetus.

In between I heard many harrowing tales from the first time mothers, who underwent normal deliveries but then they covered up the whole thing , by saying that "motherhood is worth all this pain "which I too approve of.

But whether a c-section mom or a normal one, we all shed our sweat and blood.

I find it rather shocking when people tag csection delivery as an easy option.

Well, it is not only heavy on our wallets but also on physical self .

Yes it may be trending now, as they are becoming as common as the normal ones , but to label them as "To Posh to Push"would be very heartless on ones part.

Celebrities and socialites nowadays prefer a normal delivery anytime , to a csection one.

Once an aunty ji mentioned to me about her cesarean delivery and flaunted about the intelligence of her daughter born through it, as she directly came out of her tummy, instead of her vagina , and so her daughter was smarter than the kids born out of Normal process. Well i found this trivia of her's rather hilarious and amusing , but when I was blessed with a child through csection and echoed her thoughts, she changed her stance, as for now, her darling daughter had delivered through the normal process.

So aunty ji took a complete U-turn , and changed her loyalties to the other side.

Well anecdotes like this , add on to the humour quotient.

But jokes apart, cesarean delivery requires much more care ,when compared to normal ones, not only during surgery but after the surgery also ,mothers have to take alot more care of themselves. The drawbacks of this surgery are not only ranging from surgical intervention but also extend to after care of the mother, healing of her stitches to her diet, she cannot afford to put on weight, but at the same time losing the weight gained during pregnacy becomes difficult.Brestfeeding immediately after childbirth is one of the most crucial step after childbirth, but in a csection, under the effect of anesthesia, it becomes really difficult for the mother to feed the child.

But then, whether it is a normal or a csection baby, seeing your child in your arms , makes you forget everything else. Motherhood is journey of a mother with her child , towards a new destination, a new birth of a mother and her child, a mark of happiness. No matter, even if , it is a scar of a surgery.Lets take it as a smiley from a surgery, a heroic cut, an unavoidable surgical intervention, for the betterment of the child and the mother.

Some people may opt for csection over normal delivery , but trust me, it is not easy way out. To term it as painless or effortless would be inappropriate, because post delivery it requires a lot of effort on the mothers part and takes her longer to recuperate. But at the end of the day it is the health of the mother and baby that matters.

So c-section or normal delivery , both are a new beginning for a mother and her child , no matter through which the childbirth takes place, and there is nothing such as ",Too Posh to Push"because both requires equal love and effort.

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