To the Woman I loved the most!!
|   Mar 09, 2016
To the Woman I loved the most!!

Recently,  there  was 'Grandparents  Day',   celebrations  at  my  daughter's  school  and  because  of  some  or  the  other  reason  both  set  of  grandparents  could  not  make  it  for  the  celebrations.  So  the  onus  of  attending   the  function  came  on  me.  It  was  a  simple  but  such  a  sweet  celebration,  where  grandparents  and  children  were  made  to  do  some  activities  together  along  with  dancing  and  visiting  the  class.  After  which  all  of  us  left  for  our  respective  places  with  our  wards.

This  event  left  me  nostalgic,   taking  me  down  the  memory lane-  made  me  think  about  my  childhood  ,  in  a  flash,  a  large  collage    of  happy  and  smiling  faces  with  carefree  attitude  came  in  front  of  my  eyes.  Yes  those  were  the  best  days  of  my  life  and  of course  anybody  would  agree  with  me  on  that  .  There  is  no  place  like  grandparents  home  and  there  is  no  one  like  grandparents,  after  all  they  are  more  grand  than  our  parents  in  every  aspect  of  life.

My  Hamirpur  wali  Mummy,  that's  what  I  called  her  as  she  spent    50  precious  years  of  her  life  there   at  that  place  after  her  marriage,  So  she  loved  to  be  associated  with  that  place  rather  being  called  as  Nani.  
An  old  but  hyperactive  lady ,  she  was.  My  grandmother.  I  still  remember  the  glint  in  her  eyes  when  ever  Dev  Anand  or  Nutan  appeared  on  the  television.  Her  excitement  knew  no  bounds  when  anybody  gifted  her  a  new  suit  piece    and  straight  she  went  to  the  tailor  for  getting  it  stitched  .  

The  most  fond  memories  are  of  vacations,  during  which  the  table  would  groan  under  the  weight  of  delicacies  served  and  on  top  of  that  an  additional  scoop  of  Ghee  being  added  to  it.
We  cousins  would  romp  freely  without  any  constraints,  and  that  extra  pampering  by  mummy  was  icing  on  the  cake.  With  immense  patience  she  did  her  house-hold  chores,    her  cooking  for  such  a  huge  family,  that  too  on  a  chulha  and   with cow dung  ca
kes  being  used  as  fuel  was  never  a  tedious  task  for  her,  but   rather she  enjoyed  the  whole  thing.  During  rains  when  the  ceiling  made  up  of  granite  rocks  dripped,  she  did  not  lose  calm  and  this  did  not  dampen  her  spirits  to  cook  for  the  family.

Her  buffalo-shed  was  her  favorite  Adda(place)  where  she  spent  hours  in  service  of  her  black-beauty.  Getting  up  early  with  the  chirping  of  early  morning  birds.  Serving  hot  paranthas  on  the  cot  to  every  one,  methodically  cleaning,  chopping  of  vegetables  of  her  kitchen  garden,  the  green  chutney  made  by  her  in  motor  and  pestle  using  various  herbs  and  spices........yes  she  ruled  our  hearts,  hearth  and  home.

Her  wrinkled  yet  charming  face,  her  heena  dyed  hair,  her  laboured  breathing  which  was  as  persistent  as  the  sound  of  a  river,  her  love  for  gold,  her  passion  to  do  things  with  perfection  whether  it  was  cooking,  knitting,  pickling  was  beyond  compare.  She  never  went  to  school  but  handled all  the  worldly  virtues  and  vices  so  well. 

Like  me  most  of  the  people  must  have  experienced  and  shared  the  same  feelings  with  their  grandparents.  How  can  we  forget  the  most  treasured  moments  which  have  now  become  memories  for  us,  how  can  we  forget  the  Golden  period  of  our  lives.
But  now  she  is  gone,  no  where  to  be  seen  and  heard  ,has  left    an  indelible  mark  on  my  life,  how  can  I  forget  her  unwavering  love.  Her  wrinkled  face  is  still  so  fresh  in  memories  after  so  many  years .  Her  short  and  frail  stature,  her  combing  of  hair  in  the  Sun  while  I  dozed  in  her  laps  at  times.  She  was  my  ALLADIN'S  Lamp  where  no  wish  remained  unfulfilled.  A  huge  portrait  of  Baba  Balak  Nath  in  her  room,  of  whom  she  was  an  ardent  devotee;  of  whom  she  narrated  stories  during  the  bed-time.   Apart  from  this,  her  other  stories  were  equally  amazing,  I  would  not  be  incorrect  if  I  referred  to  her  as  a  female  Tom  Sawyer.  Her  anecdotes  always  sent  me  to  a  magical  world. 
I  still  remember  how  at  the  age  of  sixty-five  she  learned  to  dial  the  land line  numbers  from  me,  I  wondered  if  she  was  a  grandmother  or  just  a  over grown  teenager,  who  had  so  much  zest  to  live  and  learn  about  life.
But  eventually,  the  most  dreadful  day  came,  when  her  never  say  die  spirit  or  never  to  loose  heart,  lost  to  her  heart-attack.  A  person  who  gave  a  hearty  laugh  to  grim  matters  ,lost  her  life  to  her  heart  problem,  despite  of  fighting  brave  till  the  last  she  gave  up.  From  Hamirpur  she  was  taken  to  Mohali  where  she  breathed  her  last,  and  home  they  brought  the  warrior  dead............yes  back  to  Hamirpur  covered  in  a  white  sheath .
But  despite  of  seeing  her  go  away  like  this,  She  will  always  be  remembered  for  fun  and  good  time  I  shared  with  her  because, despite of her on going struggles, she never missed a chance to spread  happiness  and  love .Displaying true character of a woman.  Love you !!Miss you!! Happy Women'Day

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