"This generation ... you know**"
|   Dec 14, 2016
"This generation ... you know**"

What's wrong with this generation?? Most common state... "this generation kids"

for heaven sake, you were also in a generation which was ahead of your previous generation. If you are not doing better than your parents, then you are not moving forward. Just because my dad had chai for 50 ps.. I can't expect chai Wala to give me chai at 50 ps. I have to pay 10rs.. for 10. If the previous generation went by cycle, just as much as I would love to do it.. it is a health hazard now.

So stop comparing with the previous generation. You kids will be what you teach and provide for them. Don't blame the generation if they don't listen to you because, you failed to teach them obedience. You failed to spend time with them.

The economy is changing, the facility is changing, so are things for convenience.. if earlier you weren't allowed to go out in the night, that shouldn't be the case now because, earlier, Edison was yet to find bulb.

Every generation have their challenges and tough times.

This generation has the liberty of getting information at their finger tips which the earlier generation lacked.

This generation has women coming forward, which was only a dream two generations back.

This generation has better communication system, which holds distant families together.

This generation has education which earlier was hard

This generation men are more supportive earlier

this generation plan pregnancy.. Thank them that population is under control. 

This generation has its challenges of being immensely competitive and finding it hard to trust people .

This generation faces the challenge of cyber crime, this generation has challenge of health hazard and climate change (that was statred by the previous generations.. DUH).

They have their own fashion and ideas. So did the previous generation from that of earlier generation.

The exposure of this generation is higher. it is definetly a bliss and pain. But we have the power of choice.

And YES, this generation do try to find reasons for all.. and so they ask the question why and refuse to believe it blindly. The customs and meaningless practices are questioned. Rather than taking it as arrogance, try to find a reason and strenghten your faith. Let the curiocity be a driving force for betterment ..

It has nothing to do with "this" particular

generation. It's just that time is moving ahead and things are changing. Change is the only thing that is constant. 

Just like the waves move, so does time. Two generation back , foot was the mode of transport, then it became scooter and now its car. The world is growing. Picking what is right for you is maturity. Expecting your kids to believe and use what you had used is.. plain foolishness. 

Few things that hasn't changed and you can control from change are .. VALUES.

If you want your child to accept values, pass it on. That is something that parents have to be cautions about. If whatsapp has come, upgrade yourself to whats-app. if internet has come, direct them to utilise it judicially. Remember, its all about how we perceive and understand things.

Its not easy to live in a changing world, but with little extra care and caution and LOT OF PRAYER... its possible. Respect the changes that the younger generation is going through. and instead of complaining, try to redirect to the good ones. 

Accept the good thing and accept the change. REMEMBER: Every generation was new to the previous and there was newness in it all. So dont blame the generation, but bring the best out

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