For the love of the written word!
|   May 23, 2016
For the love of the written word!

It’s fast getting to a stage where you can find books in almost every corner of my home. There is hardly a space unclaimed by flowing words and stories waiting to be unravelled.

It all started rather unsuspiciously. An avid reader, I’ve always been fascinated by books – the feel of the crisp pages of a new book, the dog-eared pages of a book that I’ve probably read over and over again or the excitement of discovering a book hitherto unknown to me. These are delights that have served me well and reined me in from boredom. Books have been my saviour on more than a few occasions…

Whether it was the long days I spent away from home on an overseas job stint or phases where I brooded over dreams unfulfilled…my love for books thrust me into a world of hope, unbridled happiness, limitless possibilities and a place where I could just be the way I am. Perhaps this is where I found inner peace. Well, at least something on those lines…

It didn’t take me long to discover that the reading habit inculcated in me by my mom is a precious gift– one that I would love to give my child too. And thus began the search for appropriate books that would help kindle her imagination (kids have no lack of it!) and help her discover the joys of the world around her.

I find myself marvelling at the way she deals with words as we pore over books. I must admit that I am often faced with a barrage of questions on almost every conceivable topic. More often than not, I am left grappling with how to best answer them.

I have learnt not to impose my likes and preferences on my kid and instead, let her take over and choose what she wants to read. There are days when we read her favourites stories in a loop and that can leave me frazzled and keen to reach out to our book shelf! And then there are days when we easily transition from picture books to pop-up books and sometimes even chapter books!

We don’t necessarily try to read books only by acclaimed authors. We often pick up books that do not find a mention in most reading lists—only to find ourselves mesmerised by the narrative, the illustrations or the twist in the story that catches us unaware!

Am I glad that we’ve progressed to where we are now? Certainly! While it may seem like we could do with down-sizing our collection, I doubt we are anywhere close to that…. I’m not complaining, though!

Before I sign off, I’d like to leave you with a beautiful quote I came across…

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” –Neil Gaiman

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