Love and hate, two sides of motherhood...
|   Dec 21, 2016
Love and hate, two sides of motherhood...

Yes we love our kids to the core, they also love us. But there is a time when even hate us. Have you realized it lately.No, then probably you are lucky. There is a possibility that you might encounter it in future. Now the point is, how to deal with it. 

Well I feel love and hate are like day and night of motherhood cycle. We don't have to get disheartened if our child hates us at any time. If they are unhappy with us, we don't need to be unhappy with them. They are young, small, they are unaware, but we are not. We know what is right and what is wrong. We are here to guide them, support them, give them a strong foundation. We are not here only to be loved by them. This is not our job. We need to discipline them, we need to make them confident. There is a very thin line difference between write and wrong and that difference has to be shown to them by us.

Kids get angry with their Mother's very often. Don't be afraid, they love you and they can never hate us. It is only temporary. But we need to mold them in a very responsible way. It is not easy, it is not possible to work according to your child. You have to take strong steps and decide what needs to be done.

Discipline can't guarantee success, but it promises peace of mind. It makes you organised. It teaches you the concept of right and wrong. Don't be afraid to discipline your child. You are a mother, best teacher who knows very well what and why your child is doing something. If you feel the need to correct him. Just do it. 

A child will be thankful to you for correcting them at the right time, it is better to handle their anger now, instead of taking taking their blame in future. 

So, move on check your child. Correct them, they might hate you now but they are definitely going to love you in future.

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