Maa baap kahin jaate nahin...
|   Dec 13, 2016
Maa baap kahin jaate nahin...

After loosing my parents, and after going through the turmoil in my life. I have realized that yes it is true. It is actually very difficult to believe, but yes they are always there with you. They may not be physically visible but they are there in form of your child, in the form of sudden happiness. They are always by your side.Life is tough after loosing them. You loose a shoulder to cry on, you loose an ear which can simply hear, you loose the silence that can be heard, you loose the unconditional care anytime and every time... yes you loose them, but still they are with you. NO one can replace the love of our parents.

It is not easy to accept this fact, specially after loosing my mother, it was very difficult for me to come over it. But slowly I realized that they are with me in the form of my daughter. My father always used to say, 'A child is the father of Man'. At that time it never made sense to me. But know I understand what he meant. In my case my child is not just my father she is my mother too.

I have always believed that we can't teach anything to a child. A child learns by his own will. It is we who are learning from them. Learning to be happy, to think out of the box, to be creative.Now I understand what he meant, he meant to be a learner and not a teacher. A child is ready to teach you the most important lesson of life, without charging you. It is to be happy, live in the moment. Enjoy life the way it comes.

While parents are around we get angry with them and once they leave we keep missing them. But life moves on. Life gives you a chance to relive the moments with your child. To find the smile of your mother on her face.To feel the glitter of your father in her eyes. You have got the opportunity to pass on the learning you got from your parents on to your child.

For me my child is not just my father, she is my mother too. She cares for me, loves me in spite of all the scoldings. A child is a blessing for you. Respect it. Life moves on. Parents leave for a better tomorrow for us and them. They did their part, now the responsibility is ours. What goes around comes around. What love, care responsibility they did, it is now time for me to give back.

My daughter is the reason for me to smile. My parents are the reason to leave a good name for them. Our responsibility is not only till the time they are with us. It lies on us even if they are no more. Maa baap kahin jaate nahin, yahan hi rehte hain. Kabhi humari beti hi haasi mein, kabhi baaton mein yaad aate hain. Maa baap kahin jaate nahin. Love you Mummy, Papa. Miss you loads. But it is your reflection in my daughter and your words that keep me moving. Thank you for what you were and what all you gave us. Life is too short, lets live it to the fullest.

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