My Mother was my wonder woman
|   May 10, 2017
My Mother was my wonder woman

Mother is someone who will always do everything for their children, without expecting anything in return. My mother did everything required for us, took that extra step and did all that was required. I loved my father and have always been PAPA's girl. But it was my mother who used to take care of everything. My father used to be busy in his usual life. As all other mothers, even my MOM never expected anything from us. I always wanted to give her all the happiness possible, by the time I became capable of giving her what she deserved, I lost her. She is no more with me. So, is my father even he is no more. My parents loved each other a lot and they even fought a lot. I believe in the saying that with whom you fight more is the person you love more. After my father passed within two years she also passed away.

My Mom was a woman of substance. She was a lady of principles, very simple down to earth person. Who never compromised on ethics and principles? For her what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. There was no midway for her. She taught us the same. She never discriminated between people. She always taught us to be good and friends with everyone. It was one quality that helped me to overcome depression after losing her.

Life without a mother is very different. When I lost my father I broke but when I lost my mother I lost everything. Life will never be the same again. Whatever I am today it is because of her. My biggest failure in life will be I have not been able to give her what I dreamt of. Life is short, do what you want to do right now. You don't get another chance.

My Mom is my inspiration to do something different. She always wanted to see me successful and she dreamt of me doing what others are not doing. I have taken my first step towards it. I am working towards a children program which will help them to enjoy learning.

My mother is my pride; a daughter is her mother's reflection, so am I. I love her, miss her. Yes, she is not with me anymore but now it is deep rooted with me that she is there with me always. Invisible but she helps me out to come out of all the hardships. She gives me the courage and strength to fight through all the hardships. She was a very strong willed woman, never cribbed about her problems, and never showed it to anyone. 

Love u Mom. I am proud to be your daughter. You are my inspiration in whatever I am doing. My mom is my #Momspiration, just want to wish her on this #MothersDay and want to tell Miss you MOM....


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