Population alert
|   Jul 03, 2017
Population alert

Last weekend we decided to take our daughter for a metro ride in Bangalore. As we decided to take metro we thought we will travel a long distance. So, my husband got a ticket from JP Nagar to Orion Mall. When we started we were quite excited about it as my daughter was going to experience it for the first time, and we were too excited about it. 

After taking the ticket when we boarded the train we were shocked it was just the second station and the train was almost full. There was no space to sit and we all were sticking together while standing. We never thought that this will be the condition. After four, five stops one man offered a seat for my daughter as she was litreally squeesed. So, she got a place to sit. We both were standing with hundred of others. Every station people kept coming in, squeezing out the space further.

Looking at the condition a thought came to my mind. If we as an indiviual don't start taking responsiblity now. It is going to be too late. The population has increased manifold. We need to do something towards it. We need to slowdown a bit, and start believing in the pledge that we used to say during our school days, that all Indians are my brothers and sisters. Yes, the population control act should be implemented. I don't feel that any reform can function in a proper way if we keep multiplying in the same ration.

It is not about an indiviual family, or caste, or religion. It is about our nation and eventually this planet. Maybe it is one of the reason that people who go outside the country don't come back. It is not easy to manage so many people. It is not easy to see so much crowd all the time. Whereever you see, it is only human beings. Birds are reducing, animals are reducing, trees, rivers, rain everything is decreasing. But we are incresing in the same speed. Don't you think we need to take a step back and think. 

Yes these fellow beings are also our brothers and sisters. Not only the one who stays with us in our family. And we have some responsiblity towards them too. Just my thoughts. Share yours too, and if you like don't forget to follow me.

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