Sadhguru... My inspiration
|   Feb 08, 2017
Sadhguru... My inspiration

The value of a guru is inseparable, a guru changes your life. Sadhguru has done it for many people. Even I am among those many people who trust him, follow him.

When we were introduced to Sadhguru by one of our friends. I never imagined that it can really affect your life in this way. Then suddenly we decided to attend his one of the meditation programs. The change or effect started happening then. The Volunteers made a lot of difference for the everlasting effect. I always liked the concept of volunteering but saw it working just at Isha Foundation. The change that Sadhguru has brought in people's life, without anything being changed in their surroundings is remarkable. The experiences shared by volunteers, that their life has changed, while everything remains the same made the difference. It was the thinking that was changing not the environment.

The lessons I learnt from his program were discipline, passion and silence. His volunteers work silently without making a fuss, without promoting him. The discipline that is visible, the love, care and respect is visible in their eyes. I am not an early riser but to visit his ashram I woke up without an alarm. It shows you can do what you really want to do. Life is to be lived every moment. It is not given to us to just to pass. I will not say I am a changed person. But yes I have accepted the way I am. I still get angry on my daughter, but now I don't feel guilty about it. As I have learnt the lesson to be responsible. Life is short, we need to enjoy the privilege that is being given to us by the almighty. 

Since the time I have been associated with him, I feel I need to follow my passion. His guidance, his presence has given me the strength to follow my dreams, to listen to my intuition. We can work without making a fuss, without breaking our heads. His ashram is a clear example which shows you can get what you want, if you silently work towards it. So many people, who are just working, who are volunteers, without knowing each other, they understand the work that needs to be done, everyday volunteers changes, but it doesn't make any difference to the quality of work. This is what clarity is, when you know what needs to be done,it doesn't matter who is doing it.

I have visited so many temples, so many places, but there is chaos. Here there is peace. Human being get molded in the way, they are molded. You make them restless, they become restless. You make them quite, they become quite. Be the change you want to see, is the lesson I learnt from his ashram.

A true guru who is quietly penetrating into the lives of his well wishers. Silently making the change happen in their life. A true idol for many. I would like to be part of all his dreams, would like to dedicate my life for the betterment of the mankind. 

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