This school or that school? CBSE, ICSE, IB, STATE......
|   Dec 08, 2016
This school or that school? CBSE, ICSE, IB, STATE......

If you are a mother of a preschooler you can infer what I am talking about. It is not easy to decide which school to send your child. With the number of options increasing it is becoming very difficult to decide.

But is it really so difficult? This is a tough question to answer.Your child's future depends on her school. So it can't be that easy to decide. There are certain important factors which I feel we all should keep in mind while making the decision.

1. The proximity to the school, distance from your house is very important. neither you nor your child should feel that they are travelling too far.

2. Child teacher ratio. We should always compare the situation with our self. We as a mother find it difficult to handle one or two kids at home. How will a teacher do justice to 50 students in a class.A child needs attention and it is only possible if there is a decent ratio.

3. Hygiene. The cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is very important for your child. A healthy child can only learn better and a hygienic environment promises good health to them.

4. Teachers. A teacher is the second mother for your child. She should be caring towards your child. A child can do anything with support and love offered to them. Teacher's role is very important in your child's life.

5.Extra curricular activities. A child doesn't only learns with books, they learn with everything. So, if they have more number of extra curricular activities. They learn lot of things. For example: dance will teach them balance, coordination and team work. So, I feel extra curricular activities very important for your child for an overall development. This also reduces the stress on you for enrolling the child in different activities.

You must be thinking I am talking about school but I have not spoken about boards. Which board to choose ICSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE. Well for me you can put your child in any board, in any school. The school need not be famous or old but for me while deciding on a school we need to think about the above parameters that I mentioned. I feel more than a school's name and board we need to understand our child's need and capabilities. A school is a place to enhance the capabilities of a child. A child should blossom there. 

I hope these pointers will help you in making your choice. Next time check these parameters, don't worry about the brand or the board. If you give attention to your child and inculcate the love for learning your child will do well in any school.

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