What is best for our babies?
|   May 26, 2017
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What is best for our babies?

Every mother has a dream to provide the best for their children. Whether it is the best for the baby or not, but if a mother is doing for her child. It is the best thing for her.

Recently I attended a meet held by #Johnson & Johnson to find what is best for the baby. This meet was quite helpful for all of us.

I am a type of Mom who likes natural things for her child. But natural is not possible everytime. We need to use different products at different places. But the question is how safe is the product that we are using on our children? This question was tried to be answered in the meet. The DIY sessiions helped us to understand the technical terms, and it busted lot of myths surrounding the brand these days.

As Johnsons and Johnsons has been in news for not being safe for babies. Many informed Moms including ME has tried not to use it on my daughter. But after attending this meet I came to realise how a brand can be targeted and how it can be defamed. We all have been born and bought up with this brand. You hold a baby in your hand and smell the powder and the first words we use are, he is a johnson baby. Oh, he looks like a johnsons baby if the child looks cute. Such was an image of this brand. 

But now mothers are scared to use the same product. This meet helped us to bring back the trust that we had in the brand. All doubts were cleared, all questions were answered. It gives a satisfaction that what we have used was good. The DIY session helped us to understand how this brand is different from others and the ingredients they use.

It has helped us to regain the confidence. That Johnsons is still best for baby. I used the product on myself and felt it to be safe. Thank you #mycity4kids and #johnsons and johnsons for coming together and bringing the trust back in us. A very important step taken forward by you. Mothers have always supported you and will support you again.

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