Yummy pasta for your tummy...
|   Jan 16, 2017
Yummy pasta for your tummy...

Mother's are always for a look out for fun meal time, where they don't have to force their child to eat. Today i am going to share something which will help you to make your meal time as fun time.If your child loves noddles and pasta you can try this.One of my favorite recipe is white sauce pasta. So, thought of sharing with all of you. Children do like it.This is a very simple, quick and tasty recipe which is loved by everyone. As  it is non spicy generally it is among top favorites of kids.


Pasta 1 cup of your choice

1 small onion finely chopped

1 tsp green chilly finely chopped

coriander finely chopped for garnish

2 tablespoon butter

3 tablespoon white flour(maida)

300 ml milk

salt and black pepper to taste


First boil pasta in 4 cups of water add salt and oil to the boiling water and then add pasta.Once the pasta is boiled strain it always put the pasta in the boiling water. After it is done wash it and put it in cold water. After it is strained from the water put some oil over so that it doesn't stick. It looks good only if it is non sticky.Now add 1 tsp of oil add add chilies and onion and saute it then add butter, salt to taste and flour, you do't have to cook white flour much just a little saute and then add 300 ml of milk.Keep whisking the mixture will start becoming thick. This is the time to add pasta. Toss it garnish with coriander leaves and black pepper. And it is ready to be served. It can be served as snack or you can give it in their lunch box.

Enjoy it and if you liked it then do follow me.

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