Good Wife/Bad Wife /Perfect wife : Which one are you?
|   Dec 20, 2016
Good Wife/Bad Wife /Perfect wife : Which one are you?

Thanks to the Indian cinema for portraying mothers as god,the perfection,the always loving,always caring and the selfless person.She will be at the kitchen for the family/doing family chores at all times or even more managing a job along with that.

Should wifes/Moms be that way in real life too?

Can't we break that stereotype? 

My version:

I seriously fail as a wife material (big time).

My house is always a mess,I hate doing the normal chores and things remain unclean until I feel the urge to clean

My chapatis are many times burnt esp my dosas.

I cannot make a descent Rangoli or tie a proper saree,bangles and jewels I hardly wear.

I occasionally say a "hi" to god,as I dont believe in praying/Not so religious but spiritual yes.

I believe in love,acceptance and understanding,I dont easily give up.

I dont like/be judgmental nor involve in other peoples business.

But yes am possessive about my friends and things that are immaterial like love and relationships.

I believe in humanity,spreading love and smile and Sharing and Yes am still a " wife".

I dont serve the meal, but I make it with all my love.

I lose/Misplace things easily coz am busy loving ppl. and kids,yes, am careless as my care is always towards taking care of others needs rather than material things and the most careless thing I do is care so less about myself.

Yes,am emotional and crying, as I am truthful and honest and expect the world to be a fairer and happier place.

I can go out at 10 pm alone in a deserted road not becoz am too brave and not Feminish but yes! am a coward when it comes to love as I treasure ppl and it becomes hard for me to let go of ppl. in my life!.

I am zero when it comes to outside world as am busy counting how many roti's my children had and how many pottys my younger one did.

And my children may not be at their best behavior all the times,but when they grow up I believe and know they will be someone who runs to help ppl. in need ,as I teach them more humanity and love than strict rules and routines and I let them fall,fight and mess up and i feel thats what childhood s all about.

And Yes am definitely "Not a wife material",Nor a good manager(of home),Nor a good maid,definitely not a good server but definitely can be someones best friend and a person with a heart!

And if I had known that , I had to be a wife material in order to be a wife, I would have definitely thought twice to be a wife!Nothing is more important than being yourself and still feel loved .

P.S:Nothing intended/Just a casual forward with penned up thoughts!.

Thanks for special life who has always understood and been there in the journey of being myself and helping in understanding me and patting me at my back every time I forget and break down in the crowd run to be a perfectionist reminding me of who I am and what is more worth than being perfect,accepting the imperfectionist self with love and empathy. and Esp.For My husband who eats burnt up dosas and salt less food with a neutral face and his combat to be with a "non wife material" like me .Lol.

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