Top 5 things to be done on your maternity leave
|   Jul 05, 2016
Top 5 things to be done on your maternity leave

Motherhood is a special experience in the life of each women. For young working women it means a lot of things. It is not just an opportunity of rediscovering your childhood in your kid's play but also imparting your values to your little packet of joy. It also means taking a pause from the rat race and re-looking at your plans. For working women, it sometimes becomes frustrating as somewhere your career takes a backseat. The dedication it requires and the social expectations, indeed makes it a very tough job. However, as Facebook CEO, Sheryl Sandberg says that no women should quit if they don't want to.

Here are a few things which you can do on your maternity leave:

Spending time with your baby:

This one will come by default and you have to learn to take few things in your stride. Moms of the newborn experience a sudden shift in the way they have been leading their lives. Sleepless nights, continuous feeding support leaves you with very little energy and sets in boredom in your schedule. If you are living in a nuclear family, then this will hit your harder. However just when things are getting out of your control is the time to take charge of things. Indulging in active feeding, creating and sharing albums / videos of your baby’s pics with your dear ones, observing your kid grow each day, singing lullabies, playing new games with your little one and including others in raising her will certainly add memories to your life. However for career women, it is still a challenge to stay indoors most of the time. More than that, many women already start missing out on their work lives. This is why it is important to invest time in yourself and some of the activities shared here will really rejuvenate you.  Spending time with your baby:

Honing your skills:

While you are away from your workplace and have taken a break from your job, you can still invest in your career. This is just the right time to pick those books which you always wanted to read to understand your function / domain better. Social networking sites have just made it easier to catch up on the latest trends and you can read an article or two even while feeding your baby. And if things work out for you then you can also use this time to do some part time job which you always wanted to.  


If you love writing and have a penchant for sharing your experience with others then this is just the right time to reflect on your experiences and pen them down. Believe me, it provides immense satisfaction to share all those critical learning which life is giving you.  

Investing in your hobbies:

Remember those childhood days when you had all the time to spend on your hobbies. You can relive some of those memories and spend time doing what you found interesting. This could be the right time to practice new songs, play music, create sketches or do something which you wanted to do since a long time.  

Catching up with your friends:  

All this while, when you were busy with your hectic work schedules and could not find the time to get in touch with your friends you were waiting for just these days to know what all is going on in their lives and share your own stories with them. Also, it is just the right time to catch up on all the gossip which you have missed till now :-) 


Of-course! All this calls for a disciplined life and an ability to multi-task. You would have to abandon few of these activities mid-way if your kid is looking for you and then pick them up again later. But that is what makes this even more exciting. Above all, your kids learn far more by seeing you and you will set the right examples in front of them. Developing the habit of sleeping at night in your baby and then following her sleeping pattern will keep you in charge and make your maternity much more interesting for you.

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