The Swiss Hop and the Clandestine Affair thereon ...
|   May 19, 2016
The Swiss Hop and the Clandestine Affair thereon ...

A year of secret courtship has whizzed past in a jiffy. Still, here I am getting goosebumps time and again. My heart thumps, the belly churns at a mere flashback.There is a strange restlessness one minute and a sublime composure embraces me the next moment.

Did I count how many times deja vu has plucked me from the present and planted me into the scenic moments of the past? A sensory overload of the most beautiful journeys of my life that has been spilling over in bits and pieces in this year gone by. How I have lapped up these spillovers and how I yearn for these wonderful memories to titillate me time and again!

I gaze at benevolent cotton balls lazily stroll across the blue skies and drive past the humble lakes around my house, reminiscent of the orgasmic moments of my unbroken conversations with those luscious foreign landscapes.

It is such memories that you want to souvenir so that you can hold them onto your bosom for life. Here I am, unshackling my pen that was raring to break free and be allowed to script an experiential dream of Romancing the Alps!

Cut to Zurich: Stepping down at the swish Zurich airport and commencing our journey in the swankiest of trains to Interlaken (West), this curtain-raiser of a journey sounded my senses  to gear up for some ultimate bliss over the next ten days.

Walking down the wet cobble-stoned streets of Interlaken, the beauty of the seductive views warms you to the bones in that extreme chill. A sprawling city cradled between two glamorous lakes.

Flowing azure streams and smoke from chimneys of straight-out-of-story book houses makes everything look so surreal. Moments, when I felt like a dreamy eyed little girl flipping through the silky pages of my childhood fairy tale books. Before you realise, it is just three hours to midnight and there is still broad daylight around us. And you realise that the supreme timekeeper sitting up  there too takes it easy in this part of the world!

Interlaken had us hooked for the next four days as our base town and from here we sniffed the length and breadth of Switzerland.

Zermatt, Matterhorn: A breath taking SwissGolden Pass train journey with hamlets flying past and pea green meadows enticing you to stop over for tet-e-tets. Peeping out of the train is like constantly stepping in and out of a 3D movie of humungous magnitude.

One moment in a trance and the other experiencing the kinetic thrill of the ├╝ber cool bogeys.Living a dream we reach Zermatt, a car free town located at the foothills of the mighty Matterhorn.

This egoistically pointed peak is one of the worlds most popular and looks as if it knows it pretty well. It hovers around you in every frame that you capture in Zermatt- a sleepy town that houses one of the most happening resto bars in Switzerland. At an altitude of a breezy 3883 metersEurope's highest cable way and summit station takes us to have a date with this snooty mountain.

Another lift elevates you for a 360 degrees panoramic view. No wonder you land onto the viewing platform almost blown away by the mighty winds and the enchanting white carpet that welcomes you with stretched arms.The intimidating peak is just a hop away!.

Glacier 3000: 


The dope of the first day worked well as we head craving for more. A soul soothing train journey to the empowering Glacier 3000. A giant of a cable car ferried us to the snow world at 3000 meters. And voila! We disembark having the entire glacier to ourselves pristine white bed of snow plays a gracious host and you spend the better part of the day frolicking around and indulging in loads of adventure.

Jungfrau or JungfrauHoissch 

The pinnacle of any Swiss trip is beyond doubt the journey to the top of Europe! Jungraugoch Bahn (railway) epitomizes a marvel of human engineering blending so magnificently with nature's bounties.

Our ascent from Interlaken Oust (East) to Jungfrau saw us gain more than 2200 meters of elevation.

Enroute, the dramatic change in the landscape sweeps you off your feet. Pinching yourself umpteen times to be reassured that its for real, you pass through domineering glaciers feeling humbled to the core.

The last stretch of this journey on the Cogwheel  train from Kleinesheidegg to JungfrauHoissch passes through numerous beautifully laid tunnels. At the top of Europe, a lift awaits to take you a 100 feet up from the station to a spectacular open air viewing gallery. Kissing the sun rays and flirting with the clouds at more than 3000 meters, you lick the zenith of bliss!


Grindelwald: On the return journey, a few hours stop over at Grindelwald springs up a volley of benumbing surprises. A mesmerising valley in the middle of mountains, with velvet green pastures and lego land kind of houses lays itself bare and seduces you beyond imagination. 

The dopey and dainty cows make you grow green with envy. How you wish you were born as one of them if that was the last thing that gets you spend a lifetime in this heaven.

Lest I forget, how the tranquility of the whole experience got broken by a maddening sprint. A sprint we had to make up the hill to board the last train that we almost missed, having got carried away by the beauty of the views around.

A hop towards Rust (Germany) to let the kids have a whale of the time at the Europa park, adds the much needed dose of adrenaline rush to rekindle the child inside. It certainly is a wonderland that has the most exciting rides for all ages and looks like a colourful carnival.

Another gallop to the glamorous Rhine falls and the city with the Mediterranean touch and Italian speaking populace- Lugano, is such a welcome change.



It would be sheer blasphemy not to pay a befitting tribute to Bollywood's favourite locale on any Swiss trip; Mount Titlis that has the beautiful town of Engelberg bowing at its feet. Engelberg's beautiful streams invite you for gossips and the lush greenery makes you go weak in the knees at every step. No wonder, Shahrukh Khan has wooed the most beautiful of his ladies in the most romantic fashion here.The town has it enough to kindle Bollywoodian romance at every step.

We paid our tribute along with our children by riding up and down the picturesque valley on our favourite two wheels and loved it to the hilt.


People start their Swiss sojourn with the uber cool Lucerne. We ended it here.

Lucerne worked as a perfect antidote to the rural beauty.The most glamorous of Swiss cities! A cobalt blue lake flanked by mountains and a dash of preserved medieval architecture. 

Seasoned with beautiful bridges, hip plazas, caramel colored houses and promenades, Lucerne romances the past and flirts with the future in the most balanced way. The city grows on you and you wander its streets.

Hopping trains, gobbling up views nonstop for ten days, you are not even a wee bit tired or exhausted. Instead you board your flight back home carrying a heart brimming and beaming with wonderful memories. Still cannot figure out whether any holiday could ever match up to this one.

A bow to the creator sitting up there who let lose his artistic brush to create landscapes like these and a salute for the lesser mortals sitting down for having retained, enhanced and nurtured it so beautifully.

My pen urges me now to stop now and lie back to settle the ruffle that this gush of flashbacks has unplugged. Praying that this efflux on pages tames my gypsy mind a bit. I have relished to the hilt, my sprints back and forth in time, this whole year, secretly dating the Alpine Valleys and macho mountains. Time to consummate this clandestine affair with my favorite lines.

Woh afsaana jisey anjaam tak laana na ho mumkin,

Usey ik khoobsoorat morh dekar chorhna accha!

Hence..this ode :-)

Sayonara Switzerland!

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