The 21st Century Tab-Age Kids!
|   Jul 08, 2015
The 21st Century Tab-Age Kids!

Have you noticed how comfortable our kids are with using technology? I am sure you have. To be honest, I myself was surprised to find my four year old expertly playing a game on the tab. After watching him play, I tried my hand at it too. How difficult could it be? I was confident that I could do all the fancy moves he did and make a much higher score, but I failed. Miserably. Of course, I chose not to tell anyone at home about it. I did not want to admit that I had been defeated by my four year old at a game of subway surfer!

The ease with which my kid uses a tab, although he doesn't even know how to read surprises me. He effortlessly navigates across games, enjoys colouring and watches videos of his choice. It amazes me and scares me at the same time. I don’t want him to come across content not meant for him at such a tender age but would not want him to be unaware of the latest technology that their generation is going to make a part of their life. Although I limit the amount of screen time he gets, I don’t completely banish it since they are the Tab-Age Kids! Everything for them is available at the ‘touch’ of their tiny fingers. And this is here to stay!

When we were growing up, our parents were wary of cable TV, then computers and then slowly the mobiles crept in. Our parents too tried to keep us away from these supposed technology monsters as much as they could, but eventually we all had our way. These things are an inseparable part of our life now and offer no novelty to us. What these items were to us, the tabs are for our kids. These things are such that the more you try to shield your child away from these, the more they want it. It’s natural for them to get curious about the forbidden fruit.

Nowadays, most mothers are able to leverage technology to their advantage, by letting kids learn from a lot of child friendly apps that teach them a lot of things in a playful way. Our kids are part of a generation that is going to witness more and more uses of technology in their daily life, be it at work, home, stores or in cars etc.  The future is going to bring in a lot of surprises. We all would have to adapt to newer and newer technologies over the next few decades. Being technology savvy would be a useful life skill for them. Surely, there will be a day when our children and grandchildren will laugh at our inability to use the latest gizmos of the future, just the way we tease our folks who struggle with technology (Karma, I tell you).

I personally feel that as long as the use is limited and safe, we can use technology and the interactive learning that it offers, to our advantage. Also, we must keep updating ourselves too to avoid getting laughed at for being technology dinosaurs.


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