What can we watch on the Tele?
|   Nov 20, 2015
What can we watch on the Tele?

You have a million things to do and your kid is asking for attention. You are tired and wish for a few moments of solace, but your kid is jumping on and off the sofa. It’s a holiday and after playing and reading with kids, you have run out of ideas on how to engage them. What do you do? Sometimes, the easy answer is Television.

There are times when I have switched on the television and heaved a sigh of relief. With the television switched on to their favorite channel, the chances of mischief and unnecessary screaming go down drastically. However, with so many channels and programs for kids, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand and choose the ones that are best suited for our kids.

Certain cartoons show a lot of violence or bullying. Even programs like Krishna, Roll Number 21, Chota Bheem and Pakdam Pakdai which are hugely popular show a lot of fighting and use of physical force. Thankfully, for me my kids haven’t learnt how to use the remote and I try and sneak past the channels showing aggressive cartoons.

Over the years, I do have a set of favorites that my kids have also enjoyed watching. While they were toddlers, Teletubbies and Sesame Street were the much loved programs. As they grew a little older, these were replaced by Baby TV, Shaun the Sheep and Tom and Jerry. More recently, I have seen my five year old gain interest in shows like Mister Maker and Art Attack. He even likes to ask for similar art supplies and try his hand at creating some of the items.

Although I try to limit television viewing to as less as possible, it is sometimes a tool for a parent as long as we choose the programs carefully. I realize that kids are able to learn some good things as well through the television such as rhymes, names of animals, colors and art activities too.


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