From Connecting people to comparing people
|   Aug 17, 2016
From Connecting people to comparing people

Hi All pretty ladies there. This is my first time writing here in this  blog otherwise my writing is just confined to my company website content and writing official mails to my clients so please dont be shy writing me back with your feedback as I am lifetime learner.  Its long I have been thinking of writing something, But sometimes my Job/business kept me occupied and sometimes my tiny toddler who takes around 45 minutes to finish just a single chapati meal or 2 spoons of daal rice, after making me run whole house 5 times atleast. Its just a fun along with burn that extra fat in your body. 
My few daily observations gave me some food for thought and brought me here with some interesting write up. Nowadays social media has become just part of our life, people post/change their status updates as they change their clothes, there is nothing called privacy in life, younger to elders love this game of chasing and always keep their minds wandering.  It makes me go crazy when I see people around me just engrossed so much in their facebook pages even more then they get engrossed in their family lives and their kids, The purpose of the platform of connecting to yourfriends just remain mere chasing activity. Even it has given good surge to garments and salon business, where you must have heard most of times women talking about I cant repeat this look/clothes as isme meri already pics hai FB pe. so is it so important to be people pleasing everytime? Gone are the day when we wear same sari in Ganesh puja and in our cousins wedding. So is it so important to invest just to show off that yes we can also afford?
In previous days people get updates of others once in months and compare their jobs/partners but nowadays they feel jealous every second by seeing their friends celebrating/holidaying and feeling sad about their own situation and forget to be happy and focus on their own lives. Height is even kids are being compared and judged, I am still old school in this that bacche ko nazar lag jati hai so I never go public with my kids pics, May be its a superstition for many but I really dont want my kid to be judged or compared with others after all she is just different as I want her to be out of game of looking and being better than others always so i am trying not to be part of this vicious circle of proving each other every single minute.
Surveys say many marriages just collapse seeing other good looking men/women online and getting indulged in blind dating so it seems now photo value is more important than face value.How older marriages survive for long where even partners dont see each other before getting hitched. I was happy when we had inventions like Facebook and Twitter which gives us easy access to reach friends and good source of knowledge but todays depressing situation made me rethink that we were fine in older days when we atleast meet our good friends and have lots to share rather than today there is no excitement seeing friends it ends with plastic smiles and saying No time yaar better whatsApp me. 
I am not against on being active on social media but I believe overdo of anything takes us to doom people should  limit themselves  and focus on living rather than getting busy in clicking.

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