From I CANT THINK OF A BABY NOW to COME SOON MY BABY: The Changes in a woman
|   Aug 31, 2016
From I CANT THINK OF A BABY NOW to COME SOON MY BABY: The Changes in a woman

Three years into marriage & everyone was after me & hubby, “It’s high time for you to plan a baby”. All the reasons were cited with examples of couples who delayed parenthood & are now struggling. But we both were stern, “We want to enjoy life”. My mom started emotional blackmailing, but nothing worked. Same time I started having a strange kind of headache, which was not easing out anyway. I am a staunch believer of Homeopathy, but it was not working. Even the magical Combiflam (Magical cos even Olympians were being prescribed the same for all kind of aches – pun intended), was not able to help. Then we thought of visiting another Homeopath, for whom I did not have much regards. I told him all the symptoms, he gave me medicines. I got a little frustrated & asked him, all homeopaths ask so many questions for correct analysis of patient (This I knew, as I had friends studying Homeopathy), but you don’t, WHY????? (I thought he was just making money & not paying enough attention). Then opens Pandora’s Box. He started telling me things about myself, which even I forgot to notice. By end of 15 minutes I told him, are you spying on me with hidden cameras, cos nobody knows this much about me. He says Homeopathy is a science, where only a glance is enough & as he was accurate about me in everything (from my nature, my eating habits, allergies & many other small things) without me mentioning anything, I believed whatever he said. He said your headache is a small thing, but as you have a history of PCOD, its time that you plan a baby. Put everything aside, emotional, financial & all other reasons & plan a baby soon. Since he had become a “Mr. Knows-it-all”, we decided to think about it. A nightlong discussion & we both decided that, now we are in a position, which is generally called settled (Owning a house & a car & a safe job is what termed as settled in most of Indian middle class families), we should think about a baby now.
Though the sonogram in the next week showed signs of PCOD returning, I was hoping two pink lines on my due date as beginner’s luck. But we were not lucky. Next month was the time Ganpati arrives at home & some days later Navratri. I got so busy that I forgot, I haven’t got my monthly guest. A friend visited during Navratri & was asking about my family planning. I said I haven’t got my periods yet. I was 15 days late. She said take the test, but I told her, its nothing, I am having PCOD, so irregular cycles. She insisted on taking the test & asked me not to go for the society Dandiya night. I laughed & dismissed her. But couldn’t dismiss the surrounding thoughts. 3 days later, on the morning of Dussera, I woke up & was going to washroom, somehow I thought, let’s do the test. I took the test & waited. It did show TWO PINK LINES. I read the box again, to confirm if I had taken the test correctly. I had. I thought there might be some issue with my interpretation, I read the instructions inside the pack again for confirmation. I was indeed PREGNANT. I woke up my hubby, (who is a Kumbhkaran when it comes to sleeping, you play drums & he won’t wake up), showed him the test strip, he was half asleep, least able to understand what I am telling. I told him” Idiot, I am pregnant, we are having a baby”, he smiled, ear to ear, hugged me tight & was about to sleep again while hugging me. I literally shook him & told him, did you actually hear what I just said. “We are having a baby”. That’s the time it beamed him & he actually hugged me tight for a very long time.
I wasn’t sure I could be this lucky, as I had accepted, with PCOD, it’s going to be a year or so, before I could conceive, but 1.5 months??? I can’t be this lucky. I told hubby, we would go & do the pregnancy test at a pathology lab, as I don’t trust the accuracy of kits. We did. While coming back home, we picked 4 more pregnancy test kits of different brands, to confirm. I took the test. Two pink lines, on all the four kits.
That’s when I realized, God blesses us in his own way, when we least expect it. We may doubt his intentions, but he is the one running the world, he might be late, but he doesn’t forget. That moment, a woman who had so many plans about the biking trip to Leh Laddakh, who loved to have funfilled night-outs with friends, who wanted to sleep for at least 50% of her life suddenly became a mother, who only wanted to do best for her baby, from eating right, resting well & do all that is necessary to keep the little bundle of joy warm & safe inside. I could never understand, how that transformation happened, but it was the time I actually realized what motherhood is. Truly blessed I am.

P.S. This is my first piece. Would love to share the journey of pregnancy (Promise it’s an interesting one). Tell me how you feel about it in the comments.

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