An unforgettable cup of coffee
|   Apr 22, 2017
An unforgettable cup of coffee

It was a beautiful morning! My beloved son woke up with a broad smile. He was 22 months old. After attending a family gathering the previous 2 days, we both were exhausted. My son has been an early bird since infancy. Our day usually starts with a nice cuddle, a good morning song, a baby book for my son till I prep his milk and then some bumping and jumping and off for his bath. We enter the kitchen only after his bath.

As always, he woke up at 6AM that morning. He sang, read a book, jumped and rolled. We skipped his milk as he had fallen asleep without his bedtime bath the previous night. We went straight to the bath. I prepped for a long oil bath for him while he played with his bath toys. I happily adoringly gave him a thorough oil massage and a nice super hot water shower. I dressed him up and brought him out. It was 7.30AM.

We were late to the kitchen. So I got busy while my son played and woke his granny up. My helper came down and got busy with her work. I got busy with preparing breakfast and completely forgot about my son’s milk. After a while when I made coffee, I realized and kept a glass of milk in water to cool down. I was about to serve this unforgettable cup of coffee and it spilled accidentally over my cheerful son’s back and hand as he came in between.

This incredible baby of mine didn’t seem to scream! I was flushed! I was nervous. How on earth did this happen??? I screamed at the top of my voice! Help, someone help! I pulled out his clothes, rushed him to the bathroom, filled a bucket full of cold water and poured it over him while I kept crying and cursing myself. My helper brought in some ice and we massaged his back and hands. All this happened in a fraction of seconds.

This daring child of mine now had tears rolling down his cheeks. He wiped my tears and said “amma please don’t cry”. A 22 month old baby saying “amma don’t cry” was rather painful! My helper burst into tears while my mother - in- law was left aghast! My son had burns on the left side of his back, left shoulder and hand. The skin had peeled while I pulled out the clothes. I cried and cried and my son continued to say don’t cry and we both cried.

My husband was out of country. My sister-in-law who lived close by came down and we rushed to the hospital emergency. We were told that it requires dressing for 3 weeks and the scar may remain. My incredible son co-operated so very well although he refused to get down from my lap. After the dressing we returned home and my baby fell asleep on the way after crying for hours. He had missed his milk and breakfast. I informed my husband about the incident. He was upset. Very very upset. He could not see the wound. He could only see the plaster. He woke up at 3pm and I fed him lunch. His entire back, left shoulder and hand had a huge plaster. He could not move his left hand.

The courage he showed for the next 5 days was simply surprising. He did not make a fuss to have medicines or oblige while changing clothes or about the plaster or getting the wound dressed. My husband flew down the same weekend and our son narrated the entire sorrowful incident to him. My husband was dumbfounded and cried in dismay. The wound healed earlier than anticipated. By god’s grace, he’s fit and fine now. This unforgettable cup of coffee has left a scar on his body and our souls! I’m guilty and deeply saddened. Every cup of coffee I prepare reminds me of the incident. Every time I give him an oil bath reminds me of that day. I keep his bath time short ever since!

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