Breasfeeding- nectar of motherhood
|   Aug 12, 2016
Breasfeeding- nectar of motherhood
Breastfeeding is the priceless gift blessed by the almighty to all new mothers and mammals introducing a new life, rather say it’s a divine power given to motherhood, this gift is indeed a supernatural power to connect, nurture and nourish the tiny being delivered by you. This divine “breastmilk” is truly special and equally indispensable; composed of eternal bond of enduring love and care with plating of natural antiseptics.
This journey starts from the time two pink lines are seen and propagated in form of significant changes in body, soul and emotions. All changes don’t seem good in starting, but trust me you will start enjoying it soon, as it is rightly said - "Don't be afraid of change as it will lead you to a new beginning" and “all changes are preceded by chaos".
I was restless after twelve hours of unbearable labor pain, which finally ended with C-section. My body seemed to become life-less and fragile, but on glimpse of my angel, I got life back in my almost dead body, my heartbeat started singing and I don’t know when I started humming Lori, while we were still emotionally engrossed in her, her loud cry’s emerged, like any new mother I became nervous and requested nurse to call doctor, the doctor instructed me to start nursing her immediately, I, being unfamiliar, got panic on how to go ahead with this new experiment, while I was still struggling to figure out the best possible way to hold my little angel, to my astonishment, the moment I held her close, I could feel her sucking and this magical moment manifested the fact that an innocent newborn comes pre-educated to get latched and which made me ignore all my bodily agonies and nurture her with my "supernatural gift" .
 Though emotionally I was flying on top of world but physically I was having very tough time after C-section. I was hardly able to walk or able to sit myself. Additionally I was still not able to feed her comfortably. Next couple of days in hospital was quiet challenging, but thanks to my both mothers who helped me during my difficult days and guided me while feeding.
Almost every baby cries louder but my baby used to cry much louder which made us think that she is still not properly fed, when we asked doctor for any substitutes like formula milk etc., she zeroed all other possibilities and told us "exclusive breastfeeding for first six months should be the only and best food for her" which I felt might be quiet harassing for us (me and my baby), as my distressed and agonized body is refusing to recover on faster pace.
Since baby is required to fed every 2 hours, I used to sit for an hour to make sure she get latched In properly, but, it was quiet tiresome and made me fussy to think about the next shift. I used to avoid functions and parties, just to assure that I can give peaceful and hygienic surroundings for my little angel, I was abandoned to watch TV and movies such that we have no distractions, since, it was C-section; spicy, oily and khattha-meetha (sour) food was prohibited for me. I used to be offered healthy food, but who likes to have stale healthy food everyday? With all these the detachment feeling from world was on rise and it was making me more and more agitated. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough the tough gets going".
Soon I realized my diet is helping me to recover my wounds and it is helping me to feed my baby till her appetite. Diet is the most important thing for breast feeding mother.
 “Time plays a wonderful role in showing us what really matter” and the family support plays a vital role to cope you from these hormonal changes. Hence, right from setting the quiet environment by playing melodious lullabies, adjusting bed with nursing pillows, and soft toys , ensuring my proper rest in shift intervals, burping baby after each feed, getting me proper nutrition through - dry-fruit rich halwas, aata-gondh laddos, harira, vegetable filled dals and khichdi, giving me company in functions, making sure I am not left alone feeding and not to forget I am well updated on the movies and TV happenings through them, I completely owe this to my Mom, Hubby and my Sister.
Also, it is well said that the baby taste buds get developed right from mother’s womb and get matured with her breast milk, I could very well see my baby indulgence, when I eat sweet items(blaming my sweet tooth) and now very well visible in 3 yrs. old 
The Major blow came to me when I had to travel alone with her when she was merely 70 days old, I was anxious but was very assured on her food, since, she is dependent on only me, where there is no concern on hygiene and availability of food as long as I’m taking care of myself, however, alarmed with the thought of public feeding, thanks to the un-supportive facilities - right from airports where separate latching rooms are not sufficiently provided, public sit-outs where there is no separate cornered place, transports where you can hardly get any space to sit with baby.
 I was resistant first, but this propelled stronger me to come out of the social stigma of exposing my intimate possessions with whole world.
After 2 years of breastfeeding her, I can proudly announce: this "supernatural power" is able to shield my angel from natural climatic changes and health hazards and her bond with me is strengthened quite well!!! Agreed, there is "biting" , "scratching", "wet mess" , "fussiness", "mood swings" and "no exclusive time for yourself" but breastfeeding journey is an lifetime experience for me and it is very crooked of me to say that I wish I could breastfeed her forever, such that her feed is completely in my control :)

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