7 Important Productivity Habits I learnt!
|   Dec 06, 2015
7 Important Productivity Habits I learnt!

My parents taught me a lot about how to make our day a productive one when I was small. And then I learnt a lot from my professional career. To keep a record of the lessons I learnt in my life I made a list of 7 important productivity habits that helped me.

1. Prepare yourself for trips a few days before


When you know you are about to travel next week, next few days or even the next day, the best thing in life you can do is to pack your bags in advance. A lot of people do packing the same day of travel and at the last moment there is a lot of panic and hustle bustle and things may get missed out. If all your things are packed in advance then, on the day of travel, you just have to do a scan check. And the more time you have to pack your things the more chances there are that you’ll not leave out important things, as remembering things the last minute is not always possible. If you are a frequent travel its always a good thing to have a check list of your common things.

It’s a good habit to pack your child’s school bag in advance, know what you’ll be packing for lunch in advance to avoid last minute chaos.

2. Always maintain a list of things to do

to do list

When going shopping its always a good idea to make a list of what all has to be bought so we don’t miss out on anything. We may think we remember everything in the back of our minds but when it comes to remembering things when its needed we tend to forget something or the other, so it’s a good idea to keep a handy list. These days the smart phones have various apps to make such lists and make our lives simpler.

For school it’s a good habit to keep a track in a register of what topics are being taught and when, so during exams it becomes easier to study.

Also maintaining a daily log book/journal of the things done today helps keep events, expenses or anything in record. When you look at the register after a year or so you and your family will enjoy reading the list of events which happened on a particular date and read about the expenses of that day. It's fun. I do it religiously and I enjoy it.

3. Put things back where they belong


All of us at some time or the other have lost keys, misplaced phones, wallets, etc. The easiest habit for me is to put everything where it belongs. My personal things goes into a drawer and when I have to look for something its supposed to be just that one drawer which has my stuff. So nothing gets lost. The same way if we put things where they belong after we are done using them we will never have to make an effort looking for them. My husband refers to that one drawer of mine as the "Treasure Box".

4. Calculate your time

If you know you have to attend a meeting, a PTM, a fixed time appointment, then plan your journey so you have time to bear unexpected events such as traffic jams, etc. Believe me it helps to plan for the unexpected.

5. Sometimes you just need to chill 

If you’ve had a hard week, an exhaustive day, or any activity which has really burned you out physically or mentally then try to plan a weekend or a day or even a few hours just to chill. Switch off your phone, catch up with your favorite drink, lie down beneath the sky and gaze at the stars, watch your favorite movie, play your favorite game on your smart phone, or just do something that will take your mind away from work or stress. It’s important to relax so we can think productively.

6. Take out time for those who matter to you

 Family & Friends

At least once in a month if not more its important to catch up with family which is living far away, relatives, and friends. It is important to fulfill social needs as it is important to do other things. Socializing also re-energizes you and can be a part of your chilling exercise.

7. Learn from people, society, cultures and habits

People from world

As a human being it is important that we respect each and every individual for whatever he or she is. It’s true we meet so many different people in this world, people from different cultures, society, etc. Always learn the best from them and ignore the rest. Every individual is worth learning from (good or bad things but it’s a lesson for us)– think about it. Be it in your professional life, school, college, peers, relatives, and so forth.

These are a few tips I am sharing with you as I learnt them from my parents and then as I grew up. Do share habits that you learnt and would like to share with us!

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