An interview with Mr. Sangram Singh
|   Sep 15, 2014
An interview with Mr. Sangram Singh

Yesterday, my kids and I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Sangram Singh and getting to know about him. He was shooting for a film called Yuva and we were invited there. We waited in his Vanity Van for some time and then were taken to the sets where Sangram Ji was shooting.

He came out and greeted us and spent a few minutes to be with us. Below I am sharing with you what I learnt about him.

He is a very down to earth and humble person. Standing tall and light skinned he can make you skip a heart beat anytime.

Sangram Singh was born in district Rohtak in Haryana. He started his career as a sportsperson in the Delhi Police. His life story is a true story of dedication, sportsmanship and strong will power. Read on to find out more about him.

Ques: What made you a World Class Wrestler?

Ans : I was born a premature baby and had delicate health. At an early age I developed arthritis and paralysis. I was on wheelchair for 8 years. I had a lot of difficulties in life but had a strong passion for Wrestling.

Despite my health condition, I fought and made a strong will power to overcome my condition and made it as World’s Best Professional Wrestler Award and also achieved an award for the same in 2012. I have also won many other international and national awards. I have a strong believe in God and thank him in every step of my life.

Ques: How do you feel about being in bollywood?

Ans : I love to do new things and coming in Movies is one of them. It is a big challenge being here amongst such professional people in a place where everyone is already a professional actor.

For me “Nothing is impossible”. I have already done many TV shows. I am also a motivational coach. I share my experience with people who need it as I strongly believe and have proved that “Efforts are never wasted”.

Ques: How did you meet Payal?

Ans : We met in bollywood in a shooting. We are quiet different from each other, but opposites attract is a saying in science. She has taught me a lot in life and what I know of her and her family background, I have immense respect for the strong person that she is. In a place like Mumbai where I live since past three years, she is my only strength.

My family has accepted her and we have recently been engaged and soon will get married.

My meeting here ended and I was left with an “Aww” but meeting such a nice, humble, down to earth person startled me. I wish him and Payal the very best life has to offer. And Payal all I can say is you are lucky to be having him.

With Sangram Singh

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