Fathers Day 2015
|   Jun 10, 2015
Fathers Day 2015

We all are always talking about Woman being this and that and we celebrate woman’s day, we celebrate woman achievements and not to forget the mention of celebrating  Mothers Day.

It is important that we understand that Fathers also play an important role in everyone's life and to acknowledge Fathers, Fathers Day is celebrated. This year it is on 21st June. It is the 3rd Sunday of every June.

Father’s role is looked upon always as a provider, protector, teacher, and moral guardian to children. It is generally conceived that a daughter is always more close to her father and a son is closer to mother, but that is not the case always. Sons also need fathers as much as they need their mothers and vice versa.

Some fathers maintain a distant, authoritative role, rather than an effective one. With more middle-class women having started to work the demand for a man who has the knowledge, attitude, and skills to share co-parenting responsibilities is growing in dual-earner families.

The changing roles for men made their way into popular magazines with articles as "Can Fathers Be Better Mothers?" or "A Father's Touch" that describe how supportive spouses and fathers can promote children's achievement, self-confidence & professional values.

An ideal father should be aware of and address their children's needs, and be a friend, teacher, and guide to their children. In addition, fathers think it is their duty to create a conducive environment for their children's growth, address their children's health needs, support both present and future security of their children, and maintain healthy loving and close relationships with their children.

We all know that in most families the Father is the bread earner for the family and hence gets limited time to spend with his children. Fathers participation in their children's lives lead to their children's success. For children also the involvement of Fathers give them a sense of satisfaction and contentment to see both their parents with them during different activities of the day and also for the fathers spending time with their kids, gives the father a positive sense of their own self-esteem and pride.

Given below are a few tips to celebrate Fathers Day with a difference:

  1. Instead of your father talking you out for a family lunch or dinner, you arrange it. Call a taxi so he doesn’t have to drive or call a driver or tell your mom to drive if she can and make him feel special on this day. Arrange to take him to a nice restaurant which serve his favorite food.
  2. Arrange a sports day if he likes sports. Call family and friends for a match of cricket followed by a meal.
  3. Buy him a shirt, tshirt, wallet, belt that he would like.
  4. Arrange a special body massage in a parlour so he can relax
  5. Make him a handmade card and make a special poem or write to him and tell him how much you love him and look up to him.
  6. If your father lives far away from you, post your hand made card well in advance. You can give him a surprise visit if possible. Send him a gift by courier.

These are just a few tips. You can all make this list longer with your own tips.

Enjoy Fathers Day with your entire family and stay blessed!


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