|   Oct 26, 2014

Well now the festive season is over and the hangover is still on. Time for the kids to get back to school and the mommies all to go back to their routine. 

I recently attended a launch of the public awareness initiative on Food Safety by Tetra Pak.

I was surprised to see some of the findings of a survey recently conducted by Research Pacific.

- 70% mothers surveyed worry about food safety, adulteration

- 1/3 mothers surveyed is unsure about the safety and quality of food that she gives to her family.

- Mothers are more concerned about the freshness and purity of the food they consume as well as the risk of its adulteration

The findings of the survey also gave highlight to Tetra Pak to launch “Right to Keep Food Safe” – an awareness program that will empower mothers with knowledge and facts on food safety and nutrition and motivate them to spread the word to many more mothers. An integral part of this is Nutrition Quotient (NQ), which is a first-of-its-kind online course on food safety, nutrition and packaging.

Nutrition Quotient [NQ] is a first of its kind online course on food safety, nutrition and packaging initiated by Tetra Pak. Mothers can now easily log on and check their own NQ and complete an online course that has been tailor-made to improve specific areas related to food safety and nutrition.

Aditi Gowitrikar, doctor, actor and mother of two, who was present at the launch said, “Food safety is a continuing concern with frequent outbreaks of food-borne diseases due to adulteration, contamination and lack of awareness on how to keep food safe. It is surprising to learn from the survey that over 70% mothers do not immediately connect serious diseases such as jaundice, cholera and typhoid with food safety. I am glad to lend my support to the Right to Keep Food Safe awareness campaign and I encourage all mothers to take up the NQ course to improve their knowledge and make more informed choices on food safety and nutrition.”

I am also a mother of two and I could relate to the concerns of many other mothers. I just wished that this program was launched 11 years back when my first kid was born so that my awareness to food, nutrition, food safety could have been more stronger.

I urge you all to check your own NQ by logging on to




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