Get Ready For Summer!
|   Feb 20, 2016
Get Ready For Summer!

Are you ready to greet your summer with a smile? If you are organised in advance, surely, you'll be able to do so with a smile. Use these simple tried and tested tips to help you:

Say goodbye to winter

Choose the winter clothing which are not needed from this month onwards and start putting it away. Make sure you put them away clean. Dry-clean whats necessary or otherwise wash with Gentel. And don't forget to add moth balls wherever you're going to be putting them away to keep them safe from rodents.

Make New Space

When you feel you wouldn't be needing the heaters, put them away nicely. Check the plugs and wires to see any signs of cracks, breakages and before putting them away get them fixed. Then wrap them up in polythene or cloth bags.

Change of colors

Bring out the summery, cool and refreshing colors not only for your clothes but for your bed sheets, sofa cushions, etc. Put away the dark colored carpets, draperies, bed covers, bed sheets, and not forgetting your own clothes. There are a few people whom I know who also change the color of their crockery to match it with the summer moods.


Clean the ice trays and ice dumps in your refrigerator. Soon you'll be making fresh ice and stocking ice creams, poultry and other stuff. You'll also need to make room for water bottles, and other cold drinks.

Fans / Air-Conditioning

Have the fans and air-conditioners serviced in advance. The electricians don't have time during peak seasons and due to that they don't do a sincere job at times.

Painting/wood work

Summer is a good time for getting painting jobs done, be it your furniture, walls, balconies, etc. Due to heat the paint dries faster. Keep a list of jobs to be done, talk to a contractor and be ready in advance.

Prepare for your skin

Stock up your medicine with sun screen creams, mosquito repellents. Medicines such as stomach infection medicines, as stomach disease are more common during summers. Keep in your bathrooms, nice perfumed talc & deodorants.

Garden care

Ask your Gardner to service the lawn mower as you'll need it more often. Check to see your hose, sprinkler are working well otherwise service them in advance. Take out the necessary garden tools needed and buy the seeds for plantation in advance to have a beautiful and colorful garden.

Patio / Balcony

If you have a nice patio or balcony then clean it up and put up some nice chairs to enjoy morning tea.

Longer days

As the days are longer prepare yourself for them. Especially for kids, plan some activities for evenings as they are longer. Keep in mind cool and refreshing menus.


Last but not the least, try to steal in advance best deals for your summer vacations. If you know where you have to go in advance then alot of the travel agencies give good discounts if you book with them in advance.

Well, I do hope these tips of mine will help you to get ready to welcome the summer with ease. The key is to prepare yourself in advance be it any activity, everything seems easy by being organised. So lets get easy.

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