|   Jul 02, 2017

Today my article is about how we can keep our kids healthy during summer monsoon. Monsoon is the time when kids can be prey of the following illness:

Prickly Heat

These are small size pimple looking eruptions due to heat. These can be cured with a cool bath shower with rose water, application of multani mati in infected area and also prickly heat powder. It generally needs no medication and can be self treated. Make sure to wear loose clothing and only cotton, synthetic will make it worse.


Boils generally erupt in different parts of the body. Some are due to the excessive heat in our body and some also occur due to heat and sun.

For certain boils you can choose to apply “Multani Mitti”. Also we must be careful in knowing what to eat and not to eat, because boils can be erupted in summers by eating garlic in high quantity or even mangoes in high quantity and of course many other reasons are there.

Water Borne Diseases

Water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, jaundice, dysentery, amoebiosis,  diarrhea and many more are commonly seen especially among those who are used to eating outdoors.

Food Borne Diseases

Bacteria live in warm and moist environment and so food poisoning and occurrence of diseases due to food infection is more during monsoon days.

Mosquito Borne Diseases

Accumulation of water here and there generates the number of mosquitoes and hence dengue, malaria and other diseases caused by mosquito bite are commonly seen.

In addition to this make sure kids eat what is local and seasonal. Avoid non-vegetarian food especially sea food during the monsoon season.

Avoid giving cut fruits and food items from roadside vendors to your children. Also avoid cooking spicy and fried food items for children. Stick to fresh fruits, green vegetables and fresh fruit juices.

Encourage your children to increase intake of water. Make sure that the water is properly purified and free from germs and viruses.

Provide food rich in fiber to your kids. Pay attention to their diet and right nutrition.

Give lemon juice, coconut water and other natural fluids to your children as they help in hydrating from within. They have lots of nutrition that your child’s body needs at this time.

Make your child wear light weighted and loose fitting clothes preferably made of natural fibers.

Encourage a routine of regular exercise

School is about to reopen and it is necessary that we take educate our kids on the safety measures they should follow. Since you are aware of the common illnesses during summer monsoon season, you should take necessary precautions to keep your child healthy and safe.

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