My Son-My Best Friend
|   Apr 10, 2017
My Son-My Best Friend

My Son – My Friend, My SoulMate

I was born into a family with two elder brothers who used to always bully me and adding to it conservative and strict but of course loving parents.

It was hard being the youngest child and only girl child to get pampered although it should’ve been the other way around. I used to always look at boys thinking that they would always bully me. But as I started growing up, I got along with boys better than girls as being amongst bullying brothers I could understand them better and of course I could empathize with other girls who had bullying brothers.

During the course of my school, college, and office, most of best friends were boys and I used to love hanging around them and do boyish things like bunking between periods, jumping over the school wall, and lots more.

Although I was never pampered as a girl but I always wondered how nice it would feel to be pampered.

My son made that feeling felt and I just love and adore the little things he does for me. He makes me lemonade on a hot day, he keeps my favorite side dishes to eat, he takes care of me when I am sick and this Valentine he gifted me with a beautiful necklace. If this is pampering I am loving it. I wish everyone could have a son like mine. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future. God bless him with the best of everything in life. Hope he grows to be a loving and caring brother, son, husband and a gentle man who understands a Woman and her needs. My son is my best friend, we discuss just about everything and we have a blast. My daughter not to be forgotten in this is adorable too.

Love you my son today and forever more!!!

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