Secrets of Parenting
|   Nov 19, 2015
Secrets of Parenting

Parenting is always not as easy as it seems. We all fail at one point of time when we need our kids to listen to us and they don’t. It’s not as easy as saying "do this" and "don’t do this". Depending upon the age we have to understand our kids. At every different intervals kids react differently.

My kids are 9 and 11 and sometimes it’s harder for me to deal with the 9 year old then my 11 year old. Reading gives one a lot of knowledge and sometimes there are topics that one can relate to. Also talking to elders about our parenting also helps us, as we can catch on to some of their tricks they used on us.

In my endeavor to make my kids understand some of the things I tell them I used a secret method which I am sharing with you. This is a parenting secret which you can use too.

You all know that, kids love to do something to make their mommies happy, and so what I did was that important information which kids can benefit out of I write on a piece of paper or maybe sometimes it’s an information which is written in a magazine so I cut it out and I give it to my kids turn by turn and I tell them to “do me a favor and just copy this write-up for me in my personal diary”. First they asked me why and so i said i cant read this important information right now so i will read it later so please copy it for me neatly so i can read it later.

I have a diary now which is full of information like “why are almonds and walnuts good for you”, “your sibling is your true friend”, “how a poor kid died of hunger and how society can help”, “how much sleep does one need”, “why moms always seem to be angry”, “why are green veggies important”, “how it helps to be organized”, and more. Even sometimes important dates, events or something is also something i tell them to write for me. They feel they've helped me but they have actually helped themselves.

These are a few topics which are written in my notebook and when they wrote it for me, they had questions and instead of me explaining them, they were explaining to me and I felt like a winner every time.

So time invested in them writing in a diary for me helped me as my message went through to them without me having to tell them. I hope this continues.

Hope you all also can enjoy with the secrets of parenting.


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