Tetra Pak & The Right To Keep Food Safe! Really?
|   Jan 20, 2015
Tetra Pak & The Right To Keep Food Safe! Really?


The above subject is a question mark in a lot of aspects of our Indian food industry, but it speaks so much about itself! Doesn’t it?

How many of you out there really know what are the Laws that govern the safety standards of our food, I bet most of us don’t know, neither do I, at least not all of them!

In reference to the topic related to the right to keep food safe I attended, yet another, seminar organized by Tetra Pak – the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions provider in collaboration with Times of India. I was awwwed to see the number of mums attending the seminar. It was also a surprise to see the knowledge some of the moms had and the questions they had put forth. It was an overall great experience listening to some amazing facts and the seminar ended with some amazing recipies from Chef Vikas Khanna. It was so fun hearing Chef Vikas crack hilarious Punjabi jokes.  

                             Vikas Khanna at Tetra Pak RTKF 2


Some of the facts that were shared by Tetra Pak on “The Right to Keep Food Safe” I am sharing below for your reference! Please also check my earlier blogs, the second one is the one which won me the Grand Prize from Tetra Pak.

Food Safety
Products packed in Tetra Pak cartons 

The Facts

Do you know that 1 in every 3 moms who were surveyed is unsure about the safety and quality of food that she gives to her family. The survey also informed that the mothers are most concerned about the freshness and purity of the food they consume as well as the risk of its adulteration.

Soon after the analysis of the survey Tetra Pak launched an awareness programme called “Right to Keep Food Safe” – which will empower mothers with knowledge and facts on food safety and nutrition and motivate them to spread the word to many more mothers. A part of this is Nutrition Quotient (NQ), which is a first-of-its-kind online course on food safety, nutrition and packaging that has been developed by experts from the Indian Medical Association, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the Indian Dietetics Association, the National Dairy Research Institute and the National Institute of Nutrition. To check your own NQ, log on to http://nutrition-quotient.com/

Some facts of contamination

Food can transmit disease from person to person as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning. In many developed countries there are hygienIc and sophisticated ways for food preparation, whereas in lesser developed countries the main issue is simply the availability of safe water, which is usually a critical item.

Do you know that food poisoning is 100% preventable. The five key principles of food hygiene, according to WHO, are:

  1. Prevent contaminating food with bacteria spreading from people, pets, and pests.
  2. Separate raw and cooked foods to prevent contaminating the cooked foods.
  3. Cook foods till the right length of time and at the appropriate temperature to kill bacteria.
  4. Store food at the proper temperature.
  5. Use safe water and raw materials.

Key global food safety concerns include:

  • spread of microbiological hazards (including such bacteria as Salmonella or Escherichia coli, e. coli);
  • chemical food contaminants;
  • assessments of new food technologies (such as genetically modified food); and
  • strong food safety systems in most countries to ensure a safe global food-chain.

The point I realized at his point was that the best way to consume uncontaminated food is by buying products which are packed without any preservatives and are packed in the most hygienic manner. This is when I thought that Tetra Pak is the best in this regard. From sourcing to processing then packaging it caters to the finest hygienic standards.

I swear by Tetra Pak packed foods for my family. From juice to milk, ghee, and other products that are packed in Tetra Pak I have more than 100% faith that it is hygienic and contamination free. I prefer juice from Tetra Pak than fresh juice, as even fresh juice is not contamination free. Tetra Pak Juice and Milk or other products packed in Tetra Pak packing have no preservatives, unless otherwise mentioned.

                            tetra pak carton

Some of the people who have come forth to support the “Right to Keep Food Safe” awareness are :

1. Aditi Gowitrikar,

2. Perizaad Zorabian

3. Chef Vikas Khanna

4. Myself

5. And many more….

So Mom’s out there think about buying Tetra Pak packaged foods while shopping next time as they are reliable.

                             tetra pak factory

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