A World Full of Colours
|   Feb 10, 2015
A World Full of Colours

Whether they’re simply scribbling all over the sheet or creating crooked mountain valleys with beautiful sunsets, your little one could always use a box full of crayons. Don’t worry about scraggly lines on those walls because they’ll make for great memories. Unleash your little one’s inner artist and let them give colour to their imagination. Here is how colouring helps in their growth and development:

●    Colouring is a great first step to help your little one get into the practice of holding a writing tool. There’s less expectation from a crayon as they’re not expected to write a letter or draw a picture. Let them go freestyle and discover themselves with those colours.

●    Move a step further from plain sheets of paper to black and white cartoons that need to be filled in with colour. This develops your little one’s hand-eye coordination and focus as they learn to colour within the specified area. It will also stimulate their imagination and decision making skills as they decide between colours for a particular area. They can even use the colors and characters from shows like Ghotu Motu Ki Toli as inspiration!

●    For a growing child, colouring is the best aid to expression. You can tell a lot about your young one’s state of mind with the colours they decide to pick for their image. Bright colours indicate a happy and healthy child whereas a tendency towards dark colours or the black crayon may signal a red flag.

●    Colouring has been proven to be therapeutic for children. It allows them to vent their feelings and emotions in a creative manner.

Colouring is one of the best ways your kid can make productive use of their time. So give them an afternoon with a set of non-toxic crayons, and a jumbo colouring book and see their imagination come to life!


Written by Chitra Jidesh - a working professional and an auntie to many children.

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